Shipping on MakerPlace

Yeah I realized a few months ago that I overthink a lot of stuff that no one is paying attention to lol. I dropped prices to $5 on a TON of FBA inventory on Amazon and no one has said anything about why is something $5 on Amazon and $15 on Etsy.

I always feel kind of weird when I sell one of the $5 ones on Etsy for the $15 but no one shops around anymore so there loss I guess? The $5 is only really to clear out a bunch of 2+ year old inventory in the warehouse


Started this morning. Only have 34 more pages to go :angry:


I think I know what my bored 14 year old will be doing. For a small fee, of course, like a pizza. :laughing:


Thanks to all of you once again for threads like this. I sold my first item on MakerPlace and I ran into a shipping problem because I had set up UPS as the default shipping. Thanks to this thread I found the link to where to change the shipping so that I could print my own label that was purchased on Pirate Ship.


Woohoo @2Whiskey! :beers: Here’s to many more in 2024!


Buy shipping coming.

Hi Wade,

Thank you for selling on MakerPlace! In the coming weeks, we will launch USPS shipping directly through MakerPlace. Sellers will have access to the best USPS rates available (up to 89% off retail rates) and be able to purchase and print a USPS shipping label through the MakerPlace order flow.

Before we launch this feature to all MakerPlace sellers, we are looking for qualified testers. We are excited to invite you to participate and give you first access!

Here’s how it would work: USPS shipping on MakerPlace would be turned on for you on July 31st. You’d use this new shipping tool to purchase and print shipping labels for all of your MakerPlace orders. Finally, we’d ask you to provide feedback to our team.

Are you in? Can you reply by July 19th letting us know? If you’re in, we’ll follow up with more details by July 29th.


Thanks for sharing that info.

I wonder, when it out of testing, will it only available to sellers with Professional Plan, such as UPS shiping is right now?


I would just like to be able to link my account with PirateShip—I have no desire to buy direct on the MakerPlace site.