Shipping plan - I messed up

I prepped a shipment last night but got 2 items mixed up. I said item A was 15, Item B 50. It should have been the other way around.
I dont see I can edit the quantity. How do I fix this?

If the solution is to cancel and start over, do I get my shipping cost back?

If it is a small parcel delivery (UPS) you have 24 hours to cancel and not get charged freight. If it is LTL you have 1 hour.

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You have to start over.

If it’s been more than 24 hours for SPD and the shipping cost is an appreciable amount you can open a seller support case to request a refund. (If it’s like a $4 label I would not open a case over that).

Refund or not it sounds like you have to cancel the shipment regardless since sending the wrong quantities in will get you other problems.

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Its been 15 hours.