SHipping Template Automation - can't turn it off?

A coworker (sigh) turned on shipping automation on one of our shipping templates. I tried to turn it off, but Amazon gave me this warning:

You have removed shipping preference from this template. All the shipping rules from this template will be reset to the default blank template. Are you sure you want to continue?

Turning off shipping automation now resets the entire template to the default settings? #@%& that.

Is there no way to keep the template settings if I remove the automation?

Can’t save you this time; however for future issues … create a template that has all of the settings that you currently have and name it something like “system copy” with automation turned off. Then if an employee does it again, you could delete the automated template, then copy the “system copy” and rename the copy to the original shipping template name. This would save you from having to reset the ASINs to the template and probably a lot of time in having to rebuild the template back to normal.


I would have to first transfer over all the SKUs from the damaged template to the backup template, so I’m not sure this would save me any time over simply recreating the template.

No you shouldn’t have to … by creating a backup template, you then use the copy template function to create a new template to save. Once it is saved, you would delete the bad template. Then you would go back to the new saved template and rename it the original template’s name. If in the ASINs attributes you have designated which template to use with that ASIN, then that ASIN stays with that template.


I don’t believe I can delete a template that has any SKUs assigned to it.

Ummm … our bad … if the shipping template is assigned at item level, then no you can not delete the template. If you do not set your shipping template at item level via the Manage Inventory edit page or via upload, then the shipping template is the template that you have set to be the default template.

So to modify the above when ASINs do not have shipping template set at item level …

  • Create a backup template without automation.
  • If the employee mistakenly turns on automation, then use the copy function of the backup template to create a new template and set it to be the default template.
  • Then you could delete the bad template.

We knew we had done it before. Just got mixed up on which way it worked with the ASINs being set at item level.


I have items on the default template as well, but these items were assigned to a different template, which has now been officially “messed with.” I really wish I could just get this guy to stop touching things.


Since amputation is probably out of the question, would a threat of termination work? Of course, if it’s a family member that could be ‘uncomfortable’.

If wishing made it so…
Sadly, he is my coworker, not my employee.