Shipping to FBA is Painful Right Now

4 parcels, 38lb each. $128 to ship in. wowza, get a $12 fulfillment credit. Or I can go “slow speed” option for $48

…yay? :sweat_smile:

Does Amazon make money on inbound FBA charges?

Not in our experience. All of our SPD shipments have rebates on them that exceed the freight charges.

Just shipped 2 pallets for $136 total.

We aren’t special. The OP seems to get screwed everywhere he turns. Weird.

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Could be the destination killing it. $0.84/lb is what we expect to pay for cross country shipments. $0.50-.25 is what we get Omaha to Chicago or LA to Vegas.

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Just go “slow speed.”

There’s no such thing as a FC that handles things quickly right now.

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I’m doing parcel on this one, though I’d normally have this fnsku on a pallet. But the time requirement didn’t allow for it.

I’m in CA and the fast shipping option wanted sent to Pennsylvania. The slow shipping is NV for 2 and Stockton (up the street) for the other 2, so went with that.

We are also doing a pallet of another sku that has a fee discount greater than the cost to ship the pallet. Didn’t want to do pallet with this due to delays of LTL appearing in stock.

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No kidding. Pickups are 7-10 days out, tack on another 3+ weeks for receipt.

We haven’t done SPD in a long time but are also going that route. They are getting checked in 48-72 hours after shipment.

Remember Amazon’s message about how they are all hands on deck for checking in / transferring Q4 inventory?

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lol. I kind of got one like you. I want to send 48 parcels at about 22lb per parcel. Normally do single pallet on this::

Small Parcel Delivery: $745 (but there is a fee rebate of $409)
LTL Pallet: $267, (fee discount $409)

A single pallet for $267 sounds steep, but the discount is awesome. Also wants me to send to Hazle Twonship, PA


I think our last pallet took 5 weeks to show up in inventory. I had to expedite more SPD while waiting on it to show. And the pallet was delivered only 50 miles away.

Yeah that’s a waste of money to send it to the east coast, not to mention you got 5 days transit time. The east coast FCs are backed up right now too, so adding in the additional 5 day coast-to-coast UPS delay and it’s probably a net loser on both time and money.

Another thing to consider is you’re not the only seller being offered this option, a bunch of sellers will choose it and cause the location to get backed up.

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It’s not the sellers choice. Amazon selects locations based on where the stuff normally sells and the capacity at the site. All sites are backed up universally right now.

Amazon said, “Get your inventory to FBA by 10-26”. Sellers that have been through the nightmare of the last 3 years at FBA listened and overwhelmed FBA.

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Isn’t OP saying he’s being offered 2 choices for FCs to send to? One of which is near him and one of which is across the country, but supposedly a “faster” receiving location.

I do wonder if Amazon is doing this to test how many sellers are willing to pay extra for supposedly faster receiving. They might make sellers bid against each other for faster receiving processing (or LTL time slots). People already bid against each other for space so this isn’t exactly out of the question.

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yep, it’s a choice where to send.

I also asked Amazon Forum admins if the “faster” option also guaranteed Overnight or “One Day” shipping on my ASINs, and they weren’t sure.

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Nobody can guarantee that. In our experience, it takes A TON of inventory to get and hold same day / next day Prime which is the reason why we hold so much inventory at FBA.

With as much competition as we have, we need to be the same or faster than everyone else to convert.


Not in CA they’re not. Pickups can be 2 days out from point of Shipment plan completion.

Currently, Pilot/Maersk and Estes are doing most pickups.

Opted out of Amazon Freight.

In my experience slow shipping was checked in faster than fast shipping and ever since we’re only doing slow but 60 at least days out to allow for extended receive times.

We’re currently 90 days stocked on our highest volume sellers - just as discussed 6 months ago on SAS.

Pilot has contractors picking up Pallets in small Trucks and they show up 1 day earlier usually - my guess is the contractor that picks up the shipment gets paid (no clue how it works).

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I wouldn’t trust their information anyway. Half of their posts are an incorrect form response to a different issue.

The “faster” here seems strictly to be which FC has the smallest inbound queue, which most certainly guarantees you absolutely zilch other than you’ll spend more money to have it shipped there.

You could theoretically AB test this by using 1 option for 1 shipment, and the other for another, but there’s so much variance in the system you probably won’t get any useful information. I’ve had things that were delivered to a FC that started receiving before stuff that was delivered (same FC) days before. Each FC has hundreds of loading docks and depending on which one it goes to it might be received faster or slower.

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Our experience is not the pickup or delivery time frames, but the transfer out of the receive centers. We had a pallet picked up and received in a little over a week, but most of the inventory sat in processing for over a week and a half before most of it arrived east of the Mississippi.

Here is an example of a pallet received over a week ago…

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I have a bunch of shipments that are glitched right now, their status is checked-in but a bunch of units are already in FC-transfer.

Best thing anyone can do right now is just send things in and wait patiently. Given the holiday rush I wouldn’t attempt to do any shipment reconciles until next year to give them time to sort everything out.

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Dang. Where did you send them to? France?

Definitely at my usual FWA4. New stuff is processed immediately but stuff from 1.5 months ago is just sitting around looking all lonely.