Shipping to only one state?

I am looking to sign up to be an authorized dealer for a company that will only dropship to the dealers state. Meaning, since I am in California I can only ship to California. I don’t mind that to much, but I am contacting them to see if there is wiggle room. My question is - on Etsy, Walmart, and eBay is there a way to show that I can only ship to CA and crate a shipping profile that reflects that?

Here is their policy: "xxxx will only drop ship products within the state of where the dealer is located. This enables the consumer to obtain local service of the products. "

Walmart does not have the ability to restrict sales to or from certain states.
My Ebay experience is more limited, but I am not aware of such an option on Ebay either.
I have no Etsy experience and no idea if this is possible there.


Is the new partner company only drop ship, or could you keep stock for everywhere else?

Only dropship

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So not necessarily the answer you are looking for, but an option (maybe).

Not sure how many items they sell, but you could “drop ship” to a 3rd party logistics warehouse and then ship from there. I hate how inefficient that is, but just thinking outside the box.

At that point, what about an LOA? … And would there be an invoice to back up proper sourcing?


Etsy is a non starter based on what you describe, regardless of the location restrictions (if you want to play by the rules at least).


My biggest question is how is this headache worth your time?

If they offer to drop ship for you, it means two things:

  1. They offer to drop ship for many, many others
  2. They are making money off you

Is the small sliver of profit worth it?

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Not necessarily.
I have several manufacturers who will dropship for me. Some require orders above a certain value, others have a small fee to do so. Some manufacturers have items that only dropship, as they have to ship LTL directly from the factory to the job site. However, they don’t sell to just anyone, and the only people I am competing with for these items are the same people I would be competing with if dropshipping was not an option.

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They are very specific products that will ship LTL. We would be competing with the same companies we currently compete with, and there is only like 5 or 6 of us. The profit would be quite large at a 46% ROI after shipping and fees. I’m still speaking with our account manager to see if I can ship to only the west coast as that is where we are located.

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Unfortunately, this will not help you with Amazon or Walmart (or Ebay, I’m fairly sure) as they require you ship the entire continental US.

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