Slow LTL Shipment


I just got an alert that my stock was running low and was surprised. I shipped out two pallets to replenish this stock on September 27th.

The pallets were going to a FBA center 50 miles away from me.

Still no Delivery.

What is the time right now for pallets to make it to delivered or be included in inventory?


Saw this post yesterday :grimacing:


As @papy noted, we are having the same issue. Take it to SAS and ask them to move it up through what she called yesterday the “Hot PO” process.

Our LTL plan was picked up on 10-11 and tentatively scheduled to be delivered (you can see this date if you go into the shipping plan) on 10-31-23. We all know that even if that does happen, it could still be 2 weeks before it’s checked in. If you don’t see a date yet in the tracking for delivery then you’re looking at a date even further out.

This is what I got back this AM from SAS.

Hi Steve,

The FBA team confirmed to me late last night they officially requesting for delivery to be moved up for the priority PO. I’m waiting for confirmation and an updated date but it is a step in the right direction.

ahh, hate hearing this. going to have to ship out some more parcel style.

Our highest volume benefits greatly from LTL (each pallet would be $450 parcel)

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I take that back. Sending equivalent of half a pallet worth, $480 in shipping for SPD

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Were you offered any discounts for splitting?

Amazon is paying us to ship SPD right now with rebates. It’s so insane that they think this is the right thing to do for their business or ours.

I think SAS has great intentions but I highly doubt they will actually be able to help us. I’m glad we had one late running batch of our top seller. We will be filling up the UPS delivery truck that does our daily pickups next week. :laughing: Poor guy

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yeah, will be getting a $150 fee discount on one of the ASINs (I’m sending two) that will be included in this shipment plan.

our UPS guy is not a fan of our pickups lol.