Small and Light list

I absolutely do not like this program, but since it defaults to that option when changing from FBM to FBA, I sometimes accidentally select it. Any way to quickly find which products are enrolled in small and light?

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Maybe here?


Go to: Amazon Sign-In

*Edit: Not sure how to get the link to display so trying with a space in the URL… https:// sellercentral.

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Nevermind - that link allows you to add and remove products from the program, but I can’t find an actual report that tells you what you currently have enrolled in the program :woman_shrugging:

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Thank you!

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:wave: Hello @RiverRetail! Thanks for posting the link. Glad to have you with us!

@Amazon_Seller did any of those give you what you need?

Oh, yes. I responded earlier. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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