[Snopes] 'Amazon Got Hacked': Viral Rumor Says Criminals Added Fake Locker Addresses to Accounts

It’s not just Sellers getting crazy things added to their accounts (like whole other marketplaces) without awareness or consent. Buyers are having Amazon hub and locker addresses added to their accounts.

I personally IRL know people who reported this and confirmed that the addresses were present in the account (and walked them through removal).

In researching the issue, I found this Facebook post (below), linking to the Snopes article. Amazon has acknowledged the issue and is working to correct it.

I personally just checked all of my Amazon accounts and have not seen any unauthorized addresses, but I strongly encourage everyone to check their own accounts and immediately remove any unauthorized addresses.

Facebook post (edited to remove PII) and social graphic

So, the facts as of 10 Dec 2023:

  1. Amazon customer accounts had Amazon locker and hub addresses added, without their consent or knowledge.
  2. The addresses added were legitimate delivery spots, though not necessarily anywhere near the customer.
  3. No associated criminal activity or additional unauthorized activity has been reported.
  4. Amazon (finally!) acknowledged the issue and has taken responsibility for the glitch originating with them.
  5. Amazon reports that they are working to fix the error (though I’m personally unsure if this only means that it won’t continue to happen, or if this also means that affected accounts will have those unauthorized addresses removed automatically).

Just checked and its true. Local Amazon hub/counter addresses were added. Removed them. Not a security risk me thinks, but amazon adding additional local options for pickup in their drive to secure/ensure customer purchase and delivery options (for whatever reason).

Same here, with a new Amazon hub address added to my profile.

Thanks for the heads-up.


Oh my gosh y’all, so glad you checked!

Were the addresses near you at all, or just…not?

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My daughter and her family live 3/4 of the way across the country from me, and I send lots of packages to the grandchildren throughout the year. They have no problem receiving parcels at their address.

The hub counter address that I found in my account was located in a downtown area of their “big city,” not really big city (175,000 pop) but they live on the outskirts of town in a gated lake-side development.

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My (non-Prime) account did not have any additions.
My spouse’s (non-Prime) account did.
My sister’s (Prime) account did.

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My account is Prime.

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Yes across two states but both near respective addresses. Mine is Prime.

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@Tried_Tested & @SallyAnne
Were these on the business accounts or personal accounts?

Both our accounts were ok …

Edit Note … Personal is a Prime account


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Where in the account did they show up? I have no clue where it would in my account. I assume this is in the buyer account and not the seller account.


Gee, Amazon, how’s that warm embrace of generative AI working out for y’all?

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Yah buyer account under - Hello, [Name] Account & Lists > Your Addresses on the top right hand side of your account on the browser from main page (logged in)

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Prime personal account.

And I assume that you realize that even “seller accounts” have affiliated buyer accounts?


Thank you. My address is there 11 times but no other addresses. First time I have logged in since 2018. Not Prime.


Yes, I do but I don’t use mine often.

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The automatically-associated Buyer Account of each SoA (‘Amazonese’ for “Selling on Amazon” aka 3P Seller aka Seller Central) Account is considered by Amazon to be ‘Primary,’ while the SoA Account itself is considered to be ‘Secondary,’ as is expounded upon is some detail in the 27July`22 OSFE tutorial “Ancient Amazonese Secret” (link, NSFE URL).

These addresses are appearing on the Buyer-side, in the “Your Addresses” (link) section of the affected users’ “Your Account” (link) Dashboard.

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LOL I have had that happen, too, in my Buyer account that’s attached to my Seller account. Each one was very slightly different in formatting or abbreviations. I deleted all but the one that had everything spelled out, in full, that precisely matches my Seller-side business address, and marked it as the default.

Before uploading my i.d. for Seller-side reverification, I added my own name and home address exactly as it appears on my i.d. to the Buyer-side and then waited 24-48 hours to make sure it populated. (No idea if that was helpful.)

As of today, those are still the only two addresses on the Buyer-side of my Seller account.

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I have an Amazon counter address as well that I never added.

I also had an item I reported as INR 2 days ago (that showed delivered). Maybe that’s not a coincidence.