Snow day

Just for fun? Not exactly. This is the view of my front porch steps just before I cleared them a little bit. There is more snow coming down. Would you believe they are still planning to play a football game in this stuff tonight? SMH


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We didn’t get a flake of snow in NYC last winter. Hoping for a lot this year. Love the snow and cleaning it up. I take care of 5 house around here for my elderly neighbors for free bc I like doing it and I like helping people. Also like using my snow blower…


ASV, you are mensch!

Nah, just a realist. Had lots of people arguing with me last winter about why it was so low (2.8 inches).

Well… In 1918 (105 years ago for those keeping score), we only got 3.8 inches. Just 10 years after the first Model T rolled off the assembly line.

Mother Nature is a mad scientist. There’s no way to predict her. Things change and there doesn’t always have to be a good reason for that change.

Historically, the planet has been a hell of a lot hotter, and a hell of a lot colder. It just happens.

Us humans might pretend to know why all of that is, but there’s far too much we don’t understand and never will about this blue ball we call home. It’s not flat :laughing:

I do understand why there are some that believe what they believe. That would be the Ozone layer which Humans did destroy. Since the global initiative in the late 80’s, it’s starting to slowly “heal”.

Funny thing though, some scientists will say warmer temperatures are to “blame” for the healing so you just can’t win. :laughing:


@ASV_Vites You are welcome to come here and clean my sidewalks anytime! I swept a little off the steps and threw some ice melt on it. The temp is 28 degrees now. Snow should stop in a few hours. The next few days will be sunny and above freezing.

Last I checked the football game is still on.


It’s 35 here in NYC right now. Chilly and for some reason well below average. :cold_face: :wink:

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The football game is being played in the snow now. The game was a sellout but there are far fewer people in the stands. Those poor players having to run on the snow covered field. Brrr.
:snowflake: :snowman_with_snow:


History memories for those taking part though. Back when ‘men were men’ – the headline from Jan 11, 2008 at 06:00 PM read " AP Story: Packers Rout Seattle 42-20 In Snowy Lambeau". From the story –
"Brett Favre spotted his favorite target all alone and let it fly.

He hit Donald Driver, all right – with a snowball.
“With Lambeau Field looking like a snow globe, the Packers posted their biggest points total in postseason history.”


Yep. Right in line with the scientific predictions being made for decades (actually, since the 1850’s).

Funny how many people have heard “it’s too cold to snow”, then seem surprised that higher temperatures (but still below freezing) can result in more snow.

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Saying the earth goes thru cycles and there is a lot we don’t know about it’s life cycle does not disprove scientific evidence we are making it more difficult for our ecosystem. I think we’re at a point where we need to be way more concerned with the things we know than the things we don’t. If you believe scientific evidence that ozone depletion was human caused, then I don’t see why negative effects of green house gas is not believed.


Just popping in with a friendly reminder to avoid further climate change discussion. A post about weather is not an invitation to deride or debate or dismiss or veer into politics (and sadly, “climate” is yet another thing that has become politically charged).

What this post is actually about is the surprising amount of snow that @Racing_Stripes encountered in their neck of the woods today early in the season and wanting to share that surprise with their SAS community. :hugs:

So in the SAS spirit, I want to remind @Racing_Stripes to be careful on their still-recovering foot and to DEFINITELY NOT undertake clearing off any more snow!!! :worried::face_with_raised_eyebrow::sweat_smile:

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I remember that game.

And the Cowboys-Dolphins Thanksgiving Day game (of “Just Let It GO, Leon!” fame) when Leon Lett rumbled, bumbled, and stumbled his way to giving Miami a highly improbable ‘last-minute’ win.

And the Patriots-Raiders Playoff game that taught NFL fans the arcane mysteries of the Rulebook (the “Tuck-Rule” game), and resulted in - ahem - changes, including the first sighting of The GOAT QB, Tom Brady.

And the 49’ers-Broncos Monday Night Football game (“the Snowball Game”), when the fans so distracted Mike Cofer that he missed a field goal that would have wound up winning the game.

And many another memorable game - me likey football - played in driving blizzard-like conditions.

Snow games are not always memorable - I’ve seen scores and scores of `em over the last ½-century & more that were largely banal, and/or one-sided - but when they are, they tend to become classics, one of the very essences of the game.

Just ask the Kansas State Wildcats & the Iowa State Cyclones, who just played a compelling nail-biter under such inclement conditions…

Thank you @papy for the reminder.

It has been snowing for about 12 hours now and it is finally starting to wind down. We’ve had about 5 to 6 inches by my estimate (no, I’m not going outside to measure it). It’s a “light” snow, i.e, small flakes, but it’s been going on continuously all day and night. Both my front and back porches are covered porches and they both have handrails. I won’t be venturing outside very far. My back door and driveway are south-facing so I will let tomorrow’s sunshine take care of removing the snow for me. The north-facing front will take a little more time to melt. Hopefully one or more of my neighbors will help with snow removal.

Today, one of my neighbors took me to the grocery store this morning just as the snow was starting so we got out and back before the roads got bad. She had a couple of other errands to do and allowed me to accompany her. It was nice to get out of the house for an extended time. This evening I made tacos for supper with the ingredients purchased at the grocery store.

Thank you @papy for reminding me that my foot is still healing. It’s getting better and I’m walking more without a cane or walker but I still have a ways to go.

Next, I will be settling in to watch Doctor Who …


Not meaning to remind you of any (temporary) weakness–just want to remind you that you have made a lot of progress and still have some goals, so to just keep that front of mind. I saw your picture and knew that I (100% clumsy) would approach them with all caution but still end up sliding down them flat on my back! I would hate to hear of any injuries or setbacks for you. :sweat_smile:


A good Samaritan shoveled my sidewalk and steps. :heart:


That was me. :laughing:

Just kidding.

I’m glad you have great people around you. Good things happen to good people.