So I thought I would share a story....a behind the scenes story

This will be a marketplace item even though it’s handmade.

Step one – figure out HOW to hang a 84" x 27" fireplace mantel scarf. This is my living room – no I don’t mind.

So I hang a white sheet

and lay the scarf. I whited out the two clamps used to hold the sheet back to form a ledge

Run that picture though photos to crop, enhance the color, sharpen the image.

Upload to fotofuze and you get this:

Then go two doors down to my daughter’s home to take pictures on a real mantel – because I don’t have one anymore…

I gotta edit that one yet…

Then go find a current listing, copy paste, assign a new UPC code etc…

And voila!

I have one pattern that is embroidered on a bleached white fabric…to fuze to a bleached white background. FUN…

And the free version of fotofuze does not give me a zoomable primary photo – but so far so good, the bots haven’t checked for that. And Amazon’s answer is to use a photobox…yea…now how is that supposed to work?


I know nothing of photos and cropping and making it work for Amazon, just wanted to say the piece itself is beautiful.


It’s gorgeous!

And hats off for ingenuity and perseverance in getting such a nice image.


“Aerial” view from a ladder, with it spread out on the floor (but folded to resemble the hang) on a bright white surface (sheet or unfolded tri-fold project board), framed by two or three standing tri-fold project boards, and well-lit from above with temporary work lights.


Or even better a drone. Safety first, since we don’t want to violate OSHA’s Fall Protection Safety Standards.

Green is often better for background removal.

Of course, what really matters is the job got done and the results are fantastic! Great job @doilyboutique444!

Oh my do I see USPS property?


LOL i think I have a dozen myself…shhhhhh
:sweat_smile: :rofl:

We picked up a large roll of Artic White paper.
Makes a great backdrop - on $35

(53 inches Wide x 18 feet Long)


How do those speakers not make “your/their” porcelain collection dance right off the shelf??


IDK if you guys have seen the new feature of IOS 16 for background removal on iPhones.
It’s extremely good, simply press the part of the image that you want to remove, and it does it.
It’s obviously not photoshop done by a person who knows how to do it, but it is extremely good