So NOW I think I understand why I needed to make 3 "re-measure" requests to get a correct measurement from a warehouse

But, no matter what, I won’t listen to techno - Heck, No!


What a cost and time saver! A robot organizing empty tubs.



I do not think I or any human should do such a crap job as organizing empty bins.

AI has the intelligence to organize empty bins, it the two robots eliminate two crappy jobs, that is probably value.

Bing has started sending me unsolicited messages with Chatgpt generated answers to my previous searches. And every time, the results are either irrelevant to the search or incorrect. Been having a good time sending them feedback.

If I have to search for the answer to a question, you can bet the answer is obscure. The latest incorrect response was no doubt from an error in the Wikipedia article on the subject. I had checked that in my search and determined it was wrong.


For the record, none of the searches they sent Chatgpt answers to were political.

They dealt solely with facts, not opinion, and were not relevant or of interest to more than 1% of the population.

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Well, if cheap labor is available in infinite supply, it can potentially be cheaper to use that instead of buying expensive machines to replace that. Amazon is however, hitting the point where said cheap labor is becoming limited, and people are getting burned out due to the fact the jobs are physical and Amazon pushes them to do a high rate, so more and more robotics are the only way forward here.

A braindead job is actually not a bad thing if you’re paying bottom dollar though. The simpler the job the less room there is for someone to make errors, and while a business owner couldn’t stand the thought of having to spend a shift moving item from point A to point B repeatedly, a lot of the dumber folks actually prefer not having to use their brain. I’ve met people who prefer to work the night shift at a store simply because less people come in, so they can spend most of their time doing nothing (and this was before smartphones btw, so they LITERALLY were doing nothing, not watching youtube videos or what have you).

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Machine maintenance is cheaper than health care for workers.
Currently, machines do not go on strike.
Machines do not require retirement plans.
In today’s business world, people are not considered as a valuable asset.

With that said, we believe it is better to provide a means to our fellow people so that they can put food on their table, afford shelter and generally have a better way of life.

But then again … we are old old school.


While true, machines have an up front capital cost.

Just to keep the numbers simple.

If a robot costs a million bucks, and replaces 1 human job, and the cost of capital is 7%, and it costs 10K a year to maintain, you’re looking at an “all in” cost of 80K / year

If a human worker costs 50K a year “all in” factoring in the costs of pay, benefits, etc, they’re still cheaper.

Now, if you can run that machine for 23 hours a day (thus replacing THREE humans) at a minimal additional cost of 20K / year extra maintenance, then it’s suddenly a much better investment.

In reality, the calculus is much more complex as Amazon’s investing billions into designing robot technology, and the cost of labor isn’t a single number as the marginal cost of labor goes up the more of it you need.

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