Sometimes buyers get screwed over too ...

(Amazon gives customer runaround after $2,100 watch missing from delivered package | CBC News)

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Yep it happens. Now it is a pain to deal with Amazon for packages delivered late.
I had an order that was delivered 5 days late. They didn’t even ship it until the day after it was supposed to be delivered. They would not even let me contact them. I kept getting sent to the tracking page saying it was still on the way.

If this was one of us the customer would have been refunded after day 3 of it being late.

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Was it FBA or FBM?

Why did the customer leave the post office with a damaged package?

What are the canadian laws that protect the customer and/or seller?

So many more questions in my head that the article leaves out.

I would have said “signature required” on such an expensive item … but the customer received the package…a tampered with package – but signature required might have prevented that. MIGHT


The article has a screenshot, so I tried to find the listing. This is the closest but has a different store up top and not exact same price because I suspect the customer purchased off .ca, not .com.

It shows 3P FBA. So based on this…

Instead, a corner of the package appeared to be torn. He left the post office and opened the box immediately. The watch box inside was empty, except for a spare silicone watch strap and some papers from Garmin.
The Tahsis postmaster told the RCMP the package appeared to have been tampered with when it arrived.

…my suspicion is that it was a 3P return to FBA that was marked “sellable,” with either the original Buyer defrauding by only returning the box, strap, and inserts, and the FC not doing due diligence, OR an FC Amazon employee pocketing the returned watch themself.

Hopefully he’s on security camera somewhere opening the empty box.


Today, no real update:

Go Public also asked [Amazon] how it determined the item was stolen by a third party, but the spokesperson did not provide an answer to that question. It also does not say what procedures are in place to ensure that items ordered from Amazon leave the company’s warehouses.

I had a customer that admitted the item was stolen after it was delivered and Amazon still held me responsible.