Storm Damage at AFW1

Has anyone heard anything about storm damage at AFW1? We have a bunch of inventory in FC Processing and seller support said it was due to storm damage at the FC.


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Nothing on the web about this that I can find (Amazon specific) but severe weather (Tornados) did roll through Fort Worth TX in Mid-Dec.

Seller Support may have just whipped that excuse out of their Rolodex of excuses.


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Yes we have had an issue with AFW1 it started on December 23rd. One of our more popular products, we had 50 or so units in the system, all of a sudden, they started to show up as “pending” in FBA orders. We thought we were being hacked, someone buying up items with a bad credit card.

We asked for help in mid January, and were told “nothing is wrong” yet then and today, we show 35 sellable units sitting in AFW1. We have sent shipments, 30 units that arrived two weeks ago, they caused all the pending’s to clear.

Then our stock showed “0” units available, and 35 sitting in FC processing still at AFW1. Seller Support indicates nothing is wrong.

This is an item that sells 125+ units a month. We did not send anything in as they are saying we have 30 days on hand.

We just sent another 50 units Tuesday, and prepared 50 more to send next. We do offer this as FBM, so that kicks in when FBA shows not available. Still the rank of the product has tanked, and sales are down 75%.

Tonight, 35 units still sitting in FC transfer at AFW1.

Something is very, very wrong. And Seller Support has no clue, as is the norm. I could go back to the old forum and give them the case number for help I guess…


The person here that handles our products opened cases for 10 asins where inventory was in FC Processing. 6 different answers from SS. One said storm damage at AFW1. Looked up the inventory on all 10 and it is at AFW1.


Yes, we rarely contact them, I know I will always be disappointed. Very frustrating since my team, knows what the heck they are doing.

We showed, the orders that were pending, told that is normal and they can be pending for 21 days. (Yes we know that, three 7 day periods.) Then they started to go over, 21 days, response, “No problems here, I understand that you are concerned, bs, bs, bs.”

We found the units stuck in FC processing at AFW1. Mostly since when we sent 30 units, all the Pending Units cleared! Then we went to “0” stock and 35 still sitting in FC processing at AFW1.

I am sure the units will be ‘found’ at some point, they always are.

So tired of kissing frogs and never getting a prince, or princess. Seller Support is useful and accurate 1% of the time we deal with them.

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I call this. I live maybe 20 mins from that FC - tornadoes ran through Grapevine, but that’s north of there - no damage in Fort Worth that I’m aware of.

That said - the ice storms did cause delays for about a week. My shipments always go to FTW1 and my latest was routed to Memphis.

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