Stranded Inventory: Listing Error

Anyone getting stranded inventory with “listing error” message? I don’t have a pricing error, but I’m scared something will go wrong if I relist it. It sells well, so I don’t want to touch it.

I’m not too sure you have a choice.

Have you tried manually editing it, changing 1 letter in the listing and hitting save?

That’s what I would try first.

Of course the standard checks should be done first.

  • No emojis
  • No against the rules extra capital letters
  • No special characters
  • No break in the text limit in any attribute

Good luck… I hate to see this kind of BS.

@oneida_books - Your thoughts on this since I am sure you have dealt with this many many times…


For now, I will just make it FBM.

I’m not seeing it any.

Have you looked at you listing to see if your SKU, when opened to edit, has any “!” showing? It’s possible it’s missing an attribute that Amazon now requires.


You could also switch it to FBM and then back to FBA to see if that works.


Thanks. I’ve tried that. It’s something that I was going to make FBM eventually anyway. I just didn’t want to spend money recalling stuff, but I guess I will. It’s not worth the headache. I’m just hoping I don’t get too many of these.


Why not open a ticket? Seller Support does have at least a 10% success rate.

Good Luck

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When this happens to me, I open a case asking for them to investigate, and most of the time they are able to refresh it on their end and fix it.


I did. They told me to delete and relist.

Sorry, that’s right… My bad!