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Hello sellers!

I hope that you can help me with this.
We have many different parents with variations. We like to keep track of our parent performance to know how are we ranking vs our competitors.

At the moment, we have to check parent per parent their BSR in their subcategory. For us, the main category is not interesting, for example “Fashion”. We like to see our sales rank compared to our closer competitors in our niche.

Do you know any way or any software to check this fast? It’s taking too long now.

Thank you!


While I am thinking about this, I do not think you can, you need to keep track of the children.

The parent is nothing more than a shell. It is not a product that can be tracked. It is only a reference to the children under that parent.

And once again, I will say, only on Amazon can we have conversations about parents and children, and the relationships and how we deal with them. That have nothing to do with Parents & Children.



Thanks for your reply.

Yes, certainly, I think I missexplained myself. I have to check a child but the child will give me the sales rank of the parent.

The thing is that I have to check one child per parent in order to know in which position that parent is in the sales rank of his niche, and when you have a lot of parents it takes too long to check.

Thanks again for your help!


There is a subscription service called “SellerSonar” that does show one’s products in a single page, and their BSR current rating and percentage change, both within one’s major category, and most specific category. One can add all one’s products, and also some direct competitors for each, and see how you are doing in terms of BSR ranking.

But, I have not been 100% happy with this service. There have been changes made by Amazon that they did not keep up with (or did not even notice) that caused me to get multiple alerts about things that turned out to be nothing. They fixed the issues when I reported the problem, but I did not like paying for a product, and also having to do the QA work for them.


Hello packetfire,

Thanks a lot for your help, I will definitely have a look at SellerSonar.

Best regards