Subscription elegibility removed

Noticed one of my slowest Sku’s had its subscription removed without warning. The competitor has a similar issue.

While offering subscription on a listing is entirely contingent upon Amazon deeming it so - we had a few subs on this particular SKU which was nice, but obviously the competition with over 20k ratings would’ve lost a lot more and it sucks for them big time.

Just looking for some speculation.

Assuming you are talking about subscribe and save? Yea, there is some magic number to get it but I was not aware that it could be pulled UNLESS there are multiple instances in a 90 day period where the item goes OOS and S&S shipments get cancelled bc you are OOS.


Yes Sub n Save.

Weird. Since a listing with 20k rating has the same issue.


Please don’t let anything that happens on amazon puzzle you. You can waste the entire untapped potential of the human brain and it will never make sense because it doesn’t.

You’ll just drive yourself nuts. The next thing you know it will all be back to normal.

We have lost our climate friendly badge 9X in under a year. Each time cases and escalations needed to be done to get it back and we always got it back.

The last time, SAS got in touch with someone on that team and requested that it be locked for life on the listing which they claimed they did. Anyway, it’s been gone now for over a month and nobody can figure out how to get it back on. Everyone but Jesus Christ is involved and these clowns can’t figure it out.

Amazon and logic are not in sync and never will be.

I’ve said it 100 times or more. If the Gen Pop knew what really went on behind the scenes at Amazon, I think there would be a hell of a lot less sales on that marketplace.


Say no more :joy: