Sufficient inventory level promotion

I just saw this today. A new Amazon FBA promotion for Amazon selected ASIN’s.

Sufficient inventory level promotion [link]

I am not 100% sure about this highlighted section though?

To view selected ASIN’s, see the Fee discount (new) column on the Restock Inventory



I guess this means they have too much empty space in the FCs now?


Nah, this has been going on for a long time… I’ll never understand why we were all so restricted in 2022, not in a million years. FBA isn’t busy either. Our LTL pallets are being checked in within 48 hours. A task that used to take weeks.

Is it possible that Amazon finally figured out how to run a FC? Doubt it.

Maybe it’s time to just drop limits altogether and punish those that don’t know how to run a business with hefty fines for overstock. The penalties for aging inventory are still way too low to matter to most.

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I think how busy the FC’s are depends on the FC. I had a shipment to be delivered to Joliet sitting in the partner carriers hub for 2 weeks because they couldn’t get a delivery appointment. It took an additional week to be checked in after it was delivered. Granted Joliet has always been a “black hole” for shipments but this was exceedingly bad.

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…especially to those who ship into domestic FBA from overseas.

And if they are in their first 39 weeks as an account - million units - no problem under the new rules.

As always, that makes sense.



I saw that also a few days ago, but I don’t remember where I saw it. I don’t find it in emails or in Seller Central News titles.

I do not have that column.
These are all I have

Maybe it’s not rolled out for everyone yet? I have a seasonal seller that is ramping up, I would expect it to qualify for this promotion.


I originally received an email about the program on 5/10.
The subject in the email was, Restock your low inventory, discounts available

I did not notice the new column until the email arrived.
You are probably correct that it may be rolling out to sellers with specific ASIN’s.
I would assume the new column would only appear if at least 1 ASIN is available.

click for my screen image


I thought it came to me in an email too. I remember clicking the link to the restock page and there were no products listed, which seemed odd.