Surprisingly good experience with Seller Support via callback

Because SS usually gets a well deserved bad rap just wanted to give my surprisingly good experience.
Selling since 2009 & haven’t used Seller Support in years. Avoided like the plague as SS usually super unhelpful & often gives bad advice but I just want to give credit when due. Today I went through help & requested a callback. Got one almost immediately and the agent was easy to understand (even w/accent) & was able to correctly explain my issue. She tried her best to resolve in my favor.

In my case there seems to be a problem if you have returnless refunds set up for low priced items. If the buyer says “ordered by mistake” even after shipped Amazon issues a refund immediately. So lesson learned -no automatic RR for me. Support still trying to rectify which I appreciate but not expecting anything.


I’m not sure if the Handmade seller support is the same, but I did also have a good experience when I called. I was very new and couldn’t get the variations button to work. She said that the process was different between Handmade and the outside world, so from that point, I trusted that she was not reading instructions off a screen. Her method worked, and I use it to this day.

BTW, how do I disable automatic RR?


In manage returns then return settings, but if you never set up any returnless refunds you don’t have to worry. I had set one up for orders $9 (not including shipping) or less.

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Is “returnless refunds” the same as “I want to offer free returns for all items”? I don’t see anything under return settings that comes any closer to “returnless refunds.”

Oh, wait. I see “returnless resolution rule.” I don’t have that filled out.