Suspected Intellectual Property Violations --- Mother-of-pearl???

I only sell in Handmade, but I can get the Category Listing Report.


In regards to the trademark certificate:
Thanks again for posting it. It would be nice to have instructions on how to find this info added to SAS how-to files.


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For over a year, this has been available for some and not for others in Handmade. I’ve got it too. You can get it by request from support but every time you make changes you would have to request a new report. Maybe one day it will roll out for all.


Every time we make changes to what? When we make those changes, we have to request that they add it back? I haven’t had to ask for it back. It’s just there. I wonder if it has to do with having the brand registry waiver.


Then you are one of the fortunate ones. We have to have it added back in. Amazon tends to bless us with site updates before others see them and it seems like every time they play we loose something somewhere.


If one didn’t have it listed in their Seller Central reports like you do, you would receive a single one time Excel report from a support request. If you added new listings, you would have to request an updated report from support.

If @meredithbead does not have a brand waiver, then I would guess this is the case. OTOH, her listings are all branded and not labeled just “Handmade” :man_shrugging:


i never did a single thing regarding brand waiver. However, I’ve always been Meredithbead and never had the dreaded Generic.


I don’t know how it works now but you used to be able to list a new brand (if someone wasn’t using it already on Amazon) without a waiver, a TM, or Brand Registry. Did it a few times and still have an active non-registered brand going on Amazon. Trying to work with SAS to fix that and change the brand name but they are giving me grief about it even though another SAS manager switched a brand name for us in the past. It’s a long story but a legit one.

Your name is likely grandfathered in, for now…

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Deja Screw all over again.

I got an identical Suspected Intellectual Property Violation Trademark misuse(MADDesign Mother of Pearl) for the same ASIN today.

Opening up another case, identical info as last time.

What a waste of time. :angry:


Yesterday morning the listing was made inactive by Amazon, because I didn’t “fix” something that was already correct. Last night I got the threatening “your account may be deactivated” email. About an hour ago, the ASIN disappeared completely.

It’s a brand new item and I already added it to MakerPlace. Screw Amazon.


Amabot strikes again!

Another ASIN was just flagged for Suspected Intellectual Property Violation. :angry:

My last case was escalated to a Support team who allegedly understood the issue.

Nope! Their closed case reply was that I couldn’t use ANY part of MADDesign Mother of Pearl. If that answer is correct, then no one can use the word OF without being flagged.

I hate stupid people, especially stupid people who pretend they’re smart, and are in jobs where they should be smart. I don’t need this stress.

Since this is one item with no recent sales, I added it to MakerPlace and deleted from Amazon. Easy.

However, I have 43 more items in Amazon with mother-of-pearl in the title, and I’m waiting for the ax to fall.


Maybe take mother-of-pearl out of the title, add it to the keyword. Maybe use another word/term in the title?


I suspect that keywords and bullet points will also be picked up by the bots.

In most of these items, mother-of-pearl is the MAIN component, not just a 4mm bead used as an accent. If I take mother-of-pearl out of the title/bullets/search, no one will find these items anyhow so I may as ell remove them.


As is description