Suspended and no idea why

my account is suspended?

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And then 3 hours later they post the suspension letter.

? I’m not seeing it. Weird!!

ETA - Just posts from TVOI50 and CBA_6123

Sorry, they have not posted the suspension letter yet, but that is how all these threads go!

I can proudly say that I haven’t been on the NSFE for about a week.


I hadn’t for a few weeks, but boredom got to me

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I have to say that I miss reading everything because it helped me learn and stay up to date with the latest black hat techniques and various changes / news at Amazon.

Just don’t have the time right now with all the crap I am dealing with and taking care of my FIL 28 hours a week or so.

He’s good btw. My MIL is trying to figure out how to move him to their summer house next month if he holds on like he is right now.

This is crazy. Can’t believe but glad that he’s still with us and in decent shape.

Hospital gave him 3-5 days once they sent him home. Today is day 64. :pray:


Spent literally 2 weeks just trying to find this website.


…still haven’t after 4 days.
And both @TCLynx and Robbie_Amazon have asked.

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