"The bright side of an Amazon's driver incompetence" and the "Everything happens for a reason"

Guys/Gals, I need to share with you something that happened today:

My youngest girl was waiting anxiously for a stuffed animal she bought with her own money, and that kept getting delayed by Amazon since last week: first it was supposed to arrive at thursday…then, on Saturday, and finally, on sunday. Today, a package was left at our doorstep and a picture showing it was uploaded as proof of delivery. The problem? that package wasn’t ours! and HER package wasn’t there.

Obviously, the driver delivered the wrong package at our address, and hers was probably on a neighbor doorstep.

We’re not very social. As a family of a severely autistic teenager, our social circle consists on therapists, teachers and counselors, so after 11 years living at this same house, we don’t know our neighbors, we wouldn’t go ringing doorbells asking for a package. We told her what Amazon customer service told me: “you have to wait for a neighbor to deliver it”. In the meantime, we delivered the one that was left at our door to its rightful owner.

She kept looking through the window every 5 minutes, waiting for any of the neighbors to appear with her package… until we heard her yelling “MRS. M…!!!”. She opened the door, went out and yelled again, at the top of her lungs: “MRS. M!!!”, and the neighbor that finally delivered her package and that was already walking back to her house turned around. It was Mrs. M! The teacher she had during 2020-2021, on her “digital year”.

Mrs. M is very special for her, as during that year there was not only the pandemic, the fear, the not seeing her friends, not being able to go out, but also I was diagnosed with the big C. During the 6 surgeries, treatments, with no family around, and all the caos, Mrs. M was there for her, every single day, talking with her, scheduling “digital lunchs” with her just to talk. She wasn’t a teacher at her school. She didn’t saw her in person but once, the last day of the school year, when she told the parents to drive thru the school were she worked to get a bag of goddies for the kids. My girl wrote her a letter, and said goodbye crying because she wouldn’t see her again, as it was the last year of Ms. M as teacher (as she explained to her).

Well, 3 years and so later, Ms. M moved to the house in front of ours and got, by a wonderful mistake, a package that she decided to deliver herself, making a girl the happiest one in the planet today!

See? Not every one of Amazon’s faux passes are bad :rofl:
Thanks, Amazon driver!


Thanks for sharing. It’s a sweet story.