The Daily Podcast - Amazon's Most Beloved Features May turn out to be Illegal

For those who listen to podcasts (or want to), The Daily (NYT) covered the Amazon lawsuit today. It was interesting.

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For those who prefer reading the written word, what are the ‘beloved features’ in question? :thinking:


I prefer reading to listening. What are these danged podcasts anyway? Does one require an Apple device to listen to them?


I, too, prefer the written word.

Generally-speaking, The Grey Lady, like other big players in the MSM realm, does a pretty fair job of making human-readable transcripts available within 24 hours (much of the impetus behind that is the desire to gain ADA compliance, methinks).

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I also like the written word.

You can google the title and find the podcast on YouTube and scroll somewhere down should be a Transcript button and you can then read the transcript.

I got as far as finding out it had to do something with the buy now button and another tool which I promptly forgot since the door bell rang, got a package then I remembered I needed to let the dog back in and started doing chores.

Then I sat back down, saw the thread again, decided I really didn’t care but if anyone else does, find the transcript and read it lololol.

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1. The Buy Now Button controls competition from other online sales sites

(but maybe they simply mean Buy Box?) An excerpt…

(Thanks @ModernSwitch for the YouTube transcript tip! You must use the desktop YT site to find “transcript” in “more” but it’s there!)


2. The Amazon Prime shipping benefit forces (too many) Sellers to pay Amazon FBA to get Prime checkmark

(an excerpt)

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So the ‘beloved feature’ is the stinking Buy Box? :open_mouth:

Holy crap, I’d be thrilled if they got rid of it.

It’s only “beloved” by the people who are winning it, everyone else who can’t make any sales because only Amazon’s favorite gets the right, is f*cked.

So people fall all over themselves to lower their prices, cheapen the perception of brands, and battle to make the least possible profit for their efforts.

I can’t stand the Buy Box. It’s the exact opposite of a ‘level playing field’. Show all the options and let the buyer decide for themselves. Some people want the soonest delivery date, some want the lowest price, some want the most trusted seller, some want Prime offers only. By manipulating the buyer into choosing the offer that Amazon wants them to take, Amazon is taking control out of the buyer’s hands.

I’m all for increased transparency and letting buyers see the results of letting Amazon make their buying decisions for them.


when you click buy pretty much immediately gets put in a box and you put on a truck and to your house

Pretty much immediately? Not according to what many people say.

and it’s doing that faster and faster every single day

I thought we’ve been hearing more and more complaints about FBA taking several days to deliver their 2-day delivery, that sometimes orders don’t leave the warehouse for 3 or more days first?


You’re thinking about it from the seller’s perspective.

What Amazon is doing is streamlining the process for the buyer. It takes into account things like shipping time (it doesn’t ALWAYS show the lowest priced item in the buy box, even if they’re both prime offers. Keep in mind not every seller’s inventory is scattered equally) when determining which offer to put in there. And lower prices are good for the buyer as well. The buy box offer is designed to well suit the AVERAGE buyer, if someone’s picky, they have the option of checking out the “other offers.”

And one thing Amazon DID do is they added the “Might be cheaper from a non-prime seller” to listings when there’s an FBM offer that’s cheaper.

As a buyer, I think the buy box is great. It forces competition (lower prices) and makes the buying process easier when an algorithm shows you relatively accurately which offer is the best value.

As a seller, well, nobody cares (nor should care) about what sellers think. Sellers go to where the buyers are, not the other way around. Don’t forget that.

There is one reason, and one reason ONLY that sellers tolerate Amazon, and that is because Amazon brings them the coveted buyers.

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Or when Amazon uses drop shipping (yes they do that) it takes 5-7 days. :exploding_head:


I have found what they say here to be fairly accurate:


I do see sometimes that the delivery time is longer, but fairly rarely. If you’re logged in on a prime account Amazon generally suppresses offers that take longer than 2 days to ship. And I’ve found lately that usually their delivery promises are met most of the time.

Not for us. Search for “Stay Flat” envelopes sold by Amazon. Yes they are a good price. They are never less than 5 days delivery and often 7 days.

We have found a solution, a local vendor that is less in price, and will deliver in two days.

Never would have looked, except for the fact that Amazon Prime arrives in 5-7 days. Calendar days, not working days.


I looked that up, a lot of them show as 1 or 2 day shipping. I do live in a major city though.

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We do live in a minor city. 40 miles north of Boston. Again be sure Amazon is the seller, everyone else is overpriced. To that point our local company gave us a price that is 30% below Amazon. However, we have been with them for 30 years, they don’t get eCommerce and the ease of ordering that we all enjoy.

Could be too where they are stocked. I think they come from the Midwest. And, whoever is shipping them enters the shipment two days before the box is picked up by UPS, that drives me nuts!

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Never would have looked, except for the fact that Amazon Prime arrives in 5-7 days. Calendar days, not working days.

Dang, where’s that people hugging reaction when you need it? :wink: :laughing:

Yeah if your region has a high demand of the items and the supplier of those products is on the other side of the country, FBA warehouses do a less than optimal job of spreading the inventory.

I think if it’s going far, what they do is a FC-transfer to a local FC, and THEN have UPS pick it up. I do occasionally order an item that is going through the FC transfer process, and those definitely do not make the prime promise.

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I am 100% sure that this comes out of a drop shipper warehouse supported by Amazon. Or call it Vendor, don’t mater to me. The performance for us is not acceptable.

We have always used the local company for 40x48 cardboard sheets and big bubble wrap rolls. Now we will try them for all other made in America shipping materials we use. Time will tell, if it works out I will let others here know.

They do support much of the US, though I think it is centered on the east.

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I searched “amazon stay flat envelopes” from a logged in Prime account but without Prime selected, and found these. Are they what you mean? I’m in the Eastern time zone, still time today for Wednesday delivery. :confused:

ETA: I did “add to cart” and double-check because I’ve been fooled before! :unamused:

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Our big volume is with 13.5 x 11 and 18 x 13 we do use the smaller sizes and have not had the problem with those.

We are seeing Oct 6th for both.

ETA; Our local dealer, same brand, $63.12 for a case of 100 and $56.15 for a case of 100. Available Thursday since we can not order until sunrise.

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