The Fun Never Ends With FBM

So, logged onto Amazon SellerCentral on a Sunday, and they want us to “ship by today” for some orders.

How? It’s… SUNDAY.

Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 13-07-46 Manage Orders

And just to be more confusing, on my page too, they will have that notice. But when I click on the order list itself, those all have a ship by date of tomorrow. Mine is always a day out like that. I always feel like they are trying to scare me into early shipping. :crazy_face:


Well, Amazon has long favored whips and chains over honey and carrots, so… :wink:

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But… but… they have literal rainbow-unicorns!

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and they want us to “ship by today” for some orders.

Just ignore that line. :smile:

How? It’s… SUNDAY.

This is what I think -

Back when Amazon was first created, all handling times were treated as ‘ranges’. You’ll still see this if you have 2 days set as your chosen handling time. The system treats this as 1-2 days, so your orders show like this:


The first date represents shipping in 1 day, the second date represents shipping in 2.

Similarly, if you enter a manual handling time of “3” on a listing, the system treats this as a range of 3-4. If you enter “6” days, the system treats it as 5-7.

When Amazon decided that it was important to provide a specific ship date, they added this code (ship by today) to warn you not to be late. But they didn’t take date ranges into account. So if ‘today’ falls within your ship-by date range, the system will show this message.

It doesn’t mean Amazon expects you to ship by today, it simply means Amazon was too lazy to write the code properly…

Var = LastShipDate

If ship date = single date, then Var = ship date
If ship date includes > 1 date, then Var = Latest Ship date
When Var = today, display ‘ship by today’ message.

The logic really isn’t that hard, but Amazon’s programmers… ugg. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, that’s my guess as to why. I’m betting your 13 orders either have ship-by ranges of Friday - Monday (tomorrow) if you don’t have Saturday set as a shipping date, or Saturday - Monday if you do.

But because “today” falls within that range, you’re seeing that message.

My order from above - ship by Sept 22 - Sept 25 - is the only one that shows ‘ship by today’, even though it’s really required to ship ‘by tomorrow’.