The gang's all here!

As a long time OSFE lurker, I’m happy to be here! I did finally see a reference to this site on NSFE, signed up, and I’m really happy to see so many of the super-knowlegeable OSFE folks here!

I’ve learned so much from @papy @Tallytony @oneida_books @ASV_Vites and many others…even if it’s just that we’re NOT crazy and we’re NOT alone in the struggle! Reading some of the horror stories have helped guide us away from potential headaches (FBA, new markets). Please know that we lurkers learn so much from you guys and it’s much appreciated!

Now that I’m here, I’m hoping to help others, too.


A very strong welcome to you!

That is how I got started, @Lake @oneida_books and others long gone like Style, helped me in the middle of they night 10 or so years ago.

For that reason, I started to pay it forward when I could.

Share the news with others, if you can, the NSFE is clamping down, on promoting SellersAskSellers and only clamping down on us. Spam other than us rules the day.


While this sounds super paranoid, it is 100% true.

I think they knew this was going to be the result when all these business-savvy people were pissed off about their terrible new forum.

Their mods are full-time employees specifically hired for community management, but if there’s no community to manage, what is their job?


They don’t care about spam, even if we are the ones spamming.
They care about attempts to direct people away from their forum. The fact that this place is better is just salt in the wound.


Welcome in!


Nailed it, @QuestMark! So glad you found us!


I have never made such accusations.

So glad to be back and to see everyone. I am on the NFSE, but I have not contributed, nor will I. I just lurk to see the train wreck it has become.


“JustHere4TheTrainwreck” :laughing:
We’re glad you found us!


I have come to realize…that over night you can respond with a direct offer to google sellersasksellers and simply edit the post before the mods roll out of bed in the morning… I believe they do see deleted posts…


Nice to participate in a forum again. I never signed up for NSFE.

I think it is a little funny that their new forum only succeeds in decimating participation, sending many of their sellers here where all of Amazon’s competitors are openly discussed.


And this is a nicer forum.


Bahaha, I hadn’t really thought of it that way but YES! :laughing:

Good to see you, @Setalpz, and your familiar avatar, too.


I just noticed that SallyAnne is here now.

That’s good news for all fans of Lighten Up.


It’s good to be back!


So happy to see you here!


Good to have you here!! I’m also on the NSFE, but I can’t bring myself to contribute or support what they’ve done. Maybe down the road, but I’m still upset that they destroyed such a great, easy-to-navigate forum with no regard for what sellers actually wanted.

Welcome home @SallyAnne AKA @LightenUp!


I received a warning today…

On an old post from 2 months ago on the OSF…🡻

I’ve never posted anything on the NSFE

I then received an email…

So I guess I need to change it… :sweat_smile:

I received a warning today… On an old post from 2 months ago on the OSF

The Mods don’t seem to know how to create simple links. I also got a warning before being suspended that linked to an incorrect post. Mine wasn’t 2 months old, but they meant to link to the post adjacent to the one they actually linked to. So they warned me for something Wade Wilson (?) said, when they meant to warn me for my response to it.

Geeezzzz, they’re dumb. :woman_facepalming:

So I guess I need to change it…

Don’t forget to write back, and ask them why only our site is being targeted, while all the rest of the blatant spam is allowed to remain. I would provide links (a lot of them!) to the multiple spam posts, and it wouldn’t hurt if you cc’d the Jeff email on your reply. :wink:


You called it when I first changed my image.

It definitely feels like we are being targeted, I checked, and the name SellersAskSellers is available; I may update my user name, but I’m going to give it a few days seeing that I am on their radar now.
Surely they can’t give me a violation for using the name without the .com, or maybe they will…

I imagine they would just forward me the guidelines again, they couldn’t care less.