The quick address removal is really annoying.

Everyday I’m find a new way that the address removal in 2 days adds more clicks and more time to answering simple customer questions.

First it was INR in for Florida orders and I like to verify if they are Freight Forwarders or not.

Then I had a guy ask why his package was being forwarded by the USPS to another address (USPS website says that address had a forwarding on it) So I wanted to paste back his address so he can verify he used the correct one.

Now I have a customer that wanted to reschedule a delivery on the USPS website, but the address field needs to be filled in and that’s no longer in seller central.

I just don’t see the reasoning to remove the addresses so quickly. Would adding 1 more week minimum hurt Amazon? I don’t think so.

It’s doing the exact opposite of what Amazon is trying to achieve IMHO, now I HAVE to keep addresses around longer that I need to and finding them , it’s all just extra work for very little reason that was not even mentioned to sellers in the news or anywhere I can find.

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Yep! And in Handmade, where we don’t have auto returns so we have to attach a prepaid label purchased from Paypal/shipstation or Pirate ship etc, the idiots always remove the last name of the buyer from the authorization page. Just more work to complete the ship from address when creating offsite return labels.

No, 7 days or 10 days would not further compromise Buyer data and would definitely improve customer service efficiency.

This is (as always) where the bad behaviors of some non-domestically controlled Sellers have abused the PII of Buyers, but all Sellers are punished…unless you go outside the policies and preserve data or bribe insiders.

Amazon’s pursuits of delighting customers and shielding PII without actual firm protections are mutually exclusive.

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If you can still see the label via the reprint label button, then you can still get the whole address.

I question if if is actually outside policy.

We are not compelled by policy to use Amazon buy shipping.

If we (as I do) use Endicia then those records are preserved. Or if I were to use PirateShip for all labels.

I generate my own invoice/packing slip. My database has a record of all inventory history, sales history. That might be outside policy. (shhh)

(I have a pdf of every packing slip and shipping label.)

So… if we are in Handmade, where we have to create our return labels off site (and convert them to PDF to upload - HUGE pita) - and a customer asks for a return at say day 28, does this mean we can no longer see their address to create the label from?

If so, I guess I have to start a file with all FBM names and addresses so I don’t get stuck in this loop? Because I do not answer any return request with anything other than “yes’m here’s your label” and the idea of asking them for info to do so…is a fail.

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and convert them to PDF to upload - HUGE pita

Maybe a silly question… but what makes it hard to get the label as a PDF? Doesn’t your print dialog box have an option to print to PDF?



Actually I think it’s the other way around? We have to upload as jpeg, when the default from paypal/shipstation and our printers is pdf.

I open the label, snip and copy to save a new jpg, but have to make sure it sizes and lays out right, and half the time it’s a real fiddle.

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We have to upload as jpeg, when the default from paypal/shipstation and our printers is pdf.

Oh, right, you confused me when you said you had to convert * to * PDF. Now I remember when I had to try and turn a PDF into a JPG and sometimes it came out huge. Thanks for the memory, you’re right - BIG PITA!

I’m sure there’s an easy way to make it come out all nice and neat, but you reminded me that I could never figure out what it was. I haven’t had to (been allowed to) create my own return labels in a long time.

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In handmade, I would love to opt in to the market side auto-return process, take me out of it, give them a label.

But we’re completely excluded as a category. This makes sense since so much is customized, and the burden of return shipping is too much for a lot of handmade sellers for non-seller-faulted.

But I wish we could make that decision and say, amazon, you got this.

I’m on vacation next week - phone/tablet only - and the idea of having to do one of these is ugh…

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In handmade, I would love to opt in to the market side auto-return process, take me out of it, give them a label.

Other than the PDF/JPG problem, there are plenty of us who would be glad to switch with you. Sure, Amazon ‘gots this’. But they also gots - making us pay for the return label even when it should be the buyer. And now, they apparently gots some new nonsense about letting everyone return everything via UPS, and making US pay for it.

Note: I didn’t follow the forum thread on that topic closely, so it may not be as bad as it sounds. Or it may be, because you know, this is Amazon. :wink:

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Fortunately, the address is included with the return authorization. It’s kinda hidden, you have to expand or scroll (can’t remember) but the LAST NAME is not included which is required in Ship Station so I just put KAREN KAREN or whatever. But, if you were to say authorize a manual return from a buyer message, then you would have to ask the buyer for the address to get the zip zone charge correct. The other thing which I don’t understand is you can upload a PDF this way, but when you authorize and attach thru the system, it has to be JPG. Come on Amazon, this is 2023 and everyone uses PDF now.


I haven’t seen anything that says we can’t preserve the information for our own purposes. We use Thub and Quickbooks. The address is saved in both, even using Amazon buy shipping.
Yep it’s a few extra steps for customer service but when 90 days later the customer contacts us with an INR we have the address on record and just have to do a lookup by Amazon order #

I think I remember that if you pulled a report of some kind then the information shows there as well. I had to reprint a shipping label yesterday to get an address.

I know when I print Amazon labels, my computer downloads a zip file and then opens up to all the labels. So if you can figure out the date you shipped it, you might still have the information in a file like that on your computer?

ALSO – I love “snip and sketch” to get the JPG required to send back to the customer.
Screenshot (1052)

That would be the Order Reports

We used to download the report daily. It will have the last 90 days of orders and address information.