[The Register] Indian authorities raid fake tech support rings after tipoff from Amazon and Microsoft

Indian authorities raid fake tech support rings after tipoff from Amazon and Microsoft

Hopefully, these are the same criminals who send SMS phishing messages to Sellers, alleging that their account is at risk of deactivation…and these will now stop.

Amazon’s announcement about this:


AWH. I love wasting these guys times when they call me and I’m bored. I’m gonna miss talking to Thomas Jefferson.


I played around with one of them one time; told me he was calling from “New Ark” NJ (it’s pronounced that way in Delaware, but not NJ).
Told me to look at a log that would show me all the problems that were happening. Not only was that log nothing more than connect failures, but the latest one at the time was 3-4 months old!
But I told him I couldn’t find it, and asked “So I click on the Apple icon?” He never did figure out that I was on to him.

Yeah they are quite dense

Almost as bad as the insurance scammers a few years back, after one of the big databases got hacked. Caller said he was calling about my insurance; I asked what company. The reply was “We work with a lot of companies” and named 5-6. Then I asked which company was mine; he simply repeated the list. Got him to repeat it 2-3 more times.
Not only did he not have info of who my insurance was from, my insurance company wasn’t even on the list.

I recall another from quite a few years back; caller told me that my Apple account was deactivated, and I needed to do something (probably give a CC#) to reactivate it.

My response was “Oh good. About time. I’ve been trying to get you jerks* to deactivate it for years. Thanks for letting me know I don’t have to pester you or worry about it any more What the heck took you so long??!!” Fair amount of confused sounds before he disconnected.

*(I actually used a word other than “jerks”)

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I’ve done this also. Kept one on the phone for an hour, I would say ‘just a minute I have to go do something’ and lay the phone down for 5 minutes at a time. Surprisingly he did not hang up. I’ve also played very dumb pretending I did not understand what to do on the computer.


Where is the “anykey?”

I’m not nice either when people try to steal from me.

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