The Spring Break Effect on Sales

I have been aware of the spring break effect on sales, for many years.

But with my inventory back on Ebay it seems more extreme this year.

I have known that

  1. Students do not buy during spring break
  2. Parents with kids at home are distracted from online shopping.
  3. Buyers who are going to be away try not to have deliveries during spring break.

Being old an feeble, I am no longer sure when the Spring Break Effect begins, given the differences in school schedules, and when it is likely to end.

I know it is in effect now. Traffic to my Ebay listings from outside Ebay is way off. Sales are down. Ebay buyers are not leaving FB at typical rates.


I can’t imagine your inventory being relevant to Spring Breakers …

I also struggle to find that Spring Break is really relevant to much of a slow down in sales. In my years ans inventory types I’ve not seen it. Currently mine are actually up!

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My theory is that those on spring break affect my buyers, not that students and such riff-raff are my buyers.

Though the lack of watchers for auctions of circa 1910 baseball cards could be students. Some of them buy items with names of hall of famers.

A significant number of my buyers are young enough to have children on spring break. And have their patterns disrupted.

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I don’t know…I have 3 school-age kids, and no school break has ever reduced my online shopping.


I can tell you with certainty that Amazon in general is slower this week than usual. We are doing well this week but not as good as I thought we would and our rank on our top sellers is exceptional which means only 1 thing - slow traffic in general.

Also we are venturing into the heart of tax season.

Spring break seems really spread out this year. My daughters 4 closest friends all had different weeks off this year.

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Maybe what actually happens is that Spring Break changes what and where people shop for online, not how much.

I am trying hard not to pin my sales drop on the economy.

Certainly the recent banking news was disturbing, and the analysis of the potential impact of the FED’s anti-inflation efforts is also negative.

But - I am more conscious than usual of my own finances, and am not depressed by them. Actually feeling better than when my only financial thought is when paying my bills.

My sales lead in to this period was strong. I am facing strong competition on inventory purchases, though not looking to buy a lot.


For the first year ever I do not have any of my kiddos in any school college or graduate school. Anywhere.
Weird feeling.
Spring break seems to bring an uptick for us possibly because we have a very seasonal group of items available right now.
Interesting thought, never thought spring break would cause a change in sales - either higher or lower.


Reinforcing my diagnosis, I have been bottom feeding on LiveAuctioneers today. Auctioneers who usually get action on their offers are showing a lot less action on the lower quality lots. Taking some items on one bid. This is not normal.

In the fullness of time this will make up for slower sales now.

Sales coming in today are from my regular customers. Including some of my favorites, who are definitely not affected by spring break by any convoluted mind game I can play.

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My sales have not been the same since re-verification. However this is the worst sales period for Spring Break that I have ever had. I’m down 36% for the week and the year which I guess could be worse. Ebay is like a ghost town right now. I recently moved a lot of bundled items there in early February.

It’s nice to have ebay sales to fall back on when Amazon sales are NOT at their PRIME! :sleeping:


This has been a really rough week but I’m a moron for scheduling a limited time deal this week so there’s that.

Easter was a week later last year which is the reason why things are slower this week.

Walmart seems to be doing better than Amazon generally speaking but we only have a couple months into that venture so I couldn’t tell you how we are doing vs. last year. Vs. last week we are up a lot.

Liking that marketplace a lot… So sorry I waited so long to set up shop there. It’s on my top 10 biggest mistakes of my life list.

Going to be putting a lot more focus on Walmart. I think the potential is actually bigger than Amazon believe it or not.

Zero bull crap too. Setting up the listings was a pain in the backside but since everything was set up, we haven’t had a single issue. Send product and watch the sales and that’s it.

It’s actually passive income. LOL Youtubers have it all wrong with Amazon.

I spend exactly zero time on Walmart other than creating shipping plans and handing them off to the manufacturer to ship.

If your product fits the Walmart model - Cheap stuff that’s in demand, and you’re not there, go there.

CPC’s are less than half what Amazon is to be up top so ramping up and getting exposure is relatively cheap and you can buy reviews using Bazaarvoice which Walmart is connected to. There’s no limit. If you want to get a million reviews on an item, it will cost you, but you could do it if you wanted to.

The strange part about that program is you need to ship to those reviewers. Amazon won’t even tell you what state the vine reviewers live in or even their first names and Walmart tells you who they are and where they live bc you need to ship to them. That’s actually a pain though and costly.


My Ebay impressions are now down 25%, click through rate is normal. Clearly traffic is down.

I’ve taken an approach I have often taken when this happens. Trying to sell my way out of the slump.

Resurrected some inventory which I haven’t listed in years. Decent $25 price and collectors have been grabbing it. Have no clue how long this will last. Fortunately, I have other items which have become uncommon, so if anyone cares I can hopefully keep within my minimum sales target.

March hit my minimum target, so I am not dealing with any emotional effects.


This is the key word. Anything going on that creates a distraction for a large segment will slow sales. Combine Easter with the breaks, and that’s a thing. All holiday weekends are slow. Major news stories - particularly weather, impact sales too.


And I’ve got to say…the advantage that some retailers (online and not) or companies have taken over inflation concerns, to overly increase prices, has definitely affected how my own family is approaching purchasing and budgeting right now.

There’s an item that we have bought over the years, from various companies, that has always been $25-28. Always. From introduction by the original retailer through all the bandwagons.

It is now listed at $45+ by all retailers except the original, who hovers between $33-35.

I’m not saying that the item or the retailers aren’t due some degree of price increase. Honestly around a 30% adjustment wouldn’t surprise me. But 70+%?

Nope. Not only is that “out of my budget” for that item (not a necessity, so I’ll go without), it is also an unreasonable increase that I don’t support philosophically.

And we’re not the only family noticing this. I’m hearing families cutting back on fast food (no longer the cheapest option), complaining about prices at Big Lots and Family Dollar/Dollar General, hitting Aldi more than Kroger, hitting Walmart instead of Target, etc. These are middle- to upper-class SES families, too; like, they still have their country club memberships and vacation homes.


I have seen this also. They do it because they can, over-inflating. :angry:


Buyers are reacting to the real inflation and the profiteering and it is affecting an increasing number of companies.

Small manufacturers are reducing their product lines, selling out to others closing because their customers will not accept the price increases.

Prices are higher, packages are smaller and quality is dropping along with selection.

Even people who can afford higher prices are wincing at them and buying less expensive items. That includes me.


And due mostly to the increase in shipping costs, we have increased our prices on Amazon and all our markets. (To be clear we offer free shipping, if there ever was or ever will be such a thing.)

While we are not seeing a reduction in sales, we are seeing a increase in gross profits over last year.

Not a bragging point, just a fact as we see it.


It’s crazy.
Property tax from rate and assessment up 13%
Storage unit up 30%
One component I use daily up 32%
Homeowners insurance up 17%

And on and on.

All this just over last year and all during covid it didn’t stop increasing.

One shining star was our local grocery store offered up to a $2500 non expiring gift card per person for 20% off. That really helped on fresh food and started relying more on costco for the rest.


Indeed, things are getting tough. Even for big brands.

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