These sellers know how to abuse FBA

Check out these guys reviews

Dont these guys know how to run afoul of FBA! These sellers keep selling open box crap as new and FBA shields them from any consequences and rather they end up with 5 star ratings that even the most honest FBM seller cant hope for

Amazon system is so fuc)ed up with abuse report that there is no hope there.

Back in the day, someone wud say (for example for a monitor) that screen is broken, amazon wud suspend the listing for used-sold-as-new violation. But nowadays, it seems FBA is the way to go for endless violtions! I was truly hoping amazon wud catch up with such folks one day - but, no! Fellas like them are thriving at the expense of folks trying to sell an actual new item.

If it was not for new NSFE, this cud have been exposed there as well. But who can dare to say the truth there anymore!


First let me welcome you to the SAS! It is very nice to see the fast growth of the group. And I am with you on the NSFE, for us I did not care about connections to our seller account. For us it was the outing of the closed and private Amazon Handmade Forum.

To your point, “who can dare to say the truth there anymore!” I agree you can not, they already proved they can not be trusted, when they took the Handmade Forum, promised it would be private (and I have that in writing) then exposed all postings to the search engines.

Now off to read up on your point.


So agree with you it was different at one time.

When the strikeouts first came out they would strike out any FBA shipment.

Then they got tough, one of our few FBA’s that we could not get a strike out. “The pen does not work it is completely dry.” They would not remove the 1 star seller rating. First it was 100% about the product. Second, it was FBA.

The product came sealed, you needed to break the seal, the box showed how to do this. We thought it was small so we added a big slip of paper as a guide on how to break the seal.

Nope, no strikeout.

Today, no problem, as long as you use FBA you can have a 95-98% rating even if you should have a 25% rating.

Personally I feel ratings are overrated.

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Yes ratings are overrated. But these sellers wud be looking at suspension if those ratings were counted toward their metrics and thats the issue!!


I’ve noticed this as well, although I wouldn’t touch FBA with a 10-foot pole, as most of you know.

I stumbled across this the other day. Looks like a pretty good seller, right?


Until you look a little closer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve mentioned before how it’s amazing Amazon doesn’t seem to realize that each of these “This item was fulfilled by Amazon…” notes is saying to customers - we are Amazon and we f&ck things up. If you want your orders handled right, you should shop somewhere else.

It seems like someone should realize this is the message they’re sending. :laughing:


I bet they will once they find the SAS forum. Remember when Amazon Warehouse had Seller Feedback? I don’t remember it being over 80%, one day it just evaporated.


I bet they will once they find the SAS forum.

I’d sure like them to, and am happy to note this particular thread is publicly viewable. :smiley:

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