This ain’t "SEAmod" anymore

And now @Dogtamer forces me to learn something new (again). My mind is recovering from a real vacation and not functioning ar anything resembling even half speed at the moment.


With all due respect where it’s due (especially in regards to taking literary license as I do here):

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In good times

And bad times

That’s what bots friends are for


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Yesterday I thought I knew everything, today I read yet another @Dogtamer post and realize I knew nothing yesterday.


I got about half way through Bill Bryson’s book A Short History of Nearly Everything.

This means (I think) that I now know half of everything.

I seem to keep encountering stuff from the other half though.


Susan is definitely still around…she was able to get a negative feedback removed for me a few days ago that had been left for the wrong order. I appreciate her actually trying to help sellers…because none of the other mods care.


SEAmod for the win, AGAIN:


AND again:


Is Seamod wrong here?

She seems to think there is no Protection or am I missing something?


If buy shipping was used and tracking shows delivered AFAIK Amazon should be covering the refund.

OP states they used buy shipping and tracking shows delivered. Amazon should be paying for the refund. OP states it’s via an AtoZ, so Amazon should have funded.


For context, here’s the OP and SEAmod’s reply:

I’m a bit confused about what OP is seeking. They used Buy Shipping, so if they also shipped on time (according to Amazon) with a service recommended by Amazon to arrive on time, then this is a basic INR, whether or not tracking shows delivered. In this case, Amazon should refund the Buyer and not ding OP’s metrics.

I’m not understanding if Amazon issued the refund from OP in error and is not reimbursing them, or if OP is expecting a refund from Amazon for the missing item?


This is my understanding.
Susan seems to be understanding it the other way though.


Agree. Someone should get OP to clarify. Susan is correct if OP is somehow trying to double dip, but she is not correct if OP was responsible for refund in Amazon’s error.

Someone should also clarify if OP shipped on time and with a recommended service.


It could be that the OP refunded after the AtoZ is opened, and if that is the case, then they are out of luck.


AFAIC, yes, she is incorrect.

That being said, there has long existed two schools of thought on situations like this; IIRC, our friend @Lake has been known to point out that Susan’s position here was a distinct possibility.

That is one reason why I have long advocated the use of the widely-famed Spoony/Shanti/JWSMarket/Papy/SELLC INR appeal template, or some variation thereof.

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Gee thanks … LOL. Although even I can’t find my original post, only subsequent copies I posted through the years.

I did decide to post on that thread, although not calling Susan out.


Excellent and informative post, re scans and “on time” :100:

And it looks like another Seller posted to get OP to clarify what they are actually looking for–I can’t see who, but thank you!


Sundance apparently posted as I wrote mine. I didn’t even look after I posted.


In ‘Dogtamerese,’ the phrase “… the wiDely-famed…, or sOmE vAriatIoN thereof.” translates as “ONEIDA.”

At least, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

If ya send me any old boxtop you happen to have lying around, I’ll be sure to send ya the Magic Decoder Ring, posthaste… :crazy_face:


The definition of Seller Protection as created by PayPal carried with it a payment from the payment processor to the buyer.

IMO the only protection Amazon provides sellers with is unauthorized use aka stolen credit cards, and the justification is that Amazon does not do an AVS check on credit card paid order addresses.

Everyone might share this definition if their experience was not distorted by the unpredictable Amazon practices associated with funding claims which should be the seller’s responsibility.

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AND replied to any email communication within 24 hours…if the buyer emailed the seller.

The only INR claims we have had to fund where it did not hit our ODR is on packages where the buyer put an incorrect address and it was scanned undeliverable as addressed and it was being returned to us. It seems Amazon has built this outcome in automatically to decide those types of cases that way because we’ve had several of them over the last year with that outcome. I almost feel that way back they used to dock sellers on ODR for these types because it was not technically delivered. I may be remembering wrong.

Quite honestly, we’ve never had an issue with Amazon covering INRs for us…I don’t know why so many people have claimed to meet all the elements (meaning shipped on time, scanned on time, etc) and still lost those…


I strongly suspect that a primary reason fir such failures is rooted in the way that the 3P Seller’s position was presented.