This Canada Smoke is no joke

It’s pretty bad here in NY…crazy

I just went outside & was like WTF?


Yea it’s pretty bad, and its getting worse. Insane that it smells exactly like I am sitting at a camp fire.

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I’m inside with the doors and windows closed and it’s hard to breathe right now.


It’s bad here too, absolutely no joke

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Not near as bad here in Indy (around 100 on the air quality index), but I have noticed a light haze since Monday. You can tell that the air isn’t clear right now. I feel for you guys with the thick haze at 180+.

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I’m in central jersey… sky is yellow and literally cannot breathe in my office (which happens to be in the back of a warehouse with dock doors that keep opening.)

Blame Canada!

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Hopefully it’s just a day or two.

Here in Upstate NY, not as bad as yesterday, but very bad haze and smoky smell. Reminds me of the movie “Night of the Comet” if any of you remember that movie.

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Same here (Central New York)

Glad I picked up some Blueair’s last year

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To check the air quality in your area, go to:


Yikes tomorrow even worse?


I have one at home in my bedroom, had it on high all last night. Doesn’t do me any good at work. With my Covid related breathing issues, this is not doing me any favors.

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I have 4 of them big/small they are great

I got 2 for the office too as well as home

It’s not my office, I just work here.
And I don’t trust my coworkers not to break them. Or electrocute themselves somehow. Or just throw them out because they can’t figure out how to work them so they assume they are broken. Or to complain that the air is too clean.

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My area in the Midwest is 53 which is good.

A few years ago, the jet stream blew smoke from the Canadian fires to my area and we had readings like yours for a couple weeks. I made the mistake of sitting in the outdoor dining area of a restaurant during that time. It was only for 30 minutes but I inhaled enough particulates to keep me coughing for the next 3-4 months.

Take care and stay inside.

Right now, it’s at 170 where I work and 325 where I live.

It’s right at 100 where I am today (not complaining), but when we were in Colorado a week or so ago, it was everywhere. Incredibly low visibility, everything smelled like a campfire. Upon arriving, we had a couple of pop up severe thunderstorms (with hail, all apparently unusual for CO), and it cleared up.

Two more good trackers:


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Here’s a great map.
Looks like we are right in the worst spot!