This is fun - Listings switching to Seller Fulfilled on Walmart

Real nice. Not sure if this is a glitch or an attack…

Our top 2 items on Walmart were converted to seller fulfilled causing the thousands of units of inventory to just vanish (swish) into thin air…

Uploading the conversion file back to WFS works briefly and then they convert right back within mins.

I’m sure nobody has dealt with this here - just airing my grievances. Case opened.

So much for Walmart being the trouble-free marketplace. :roll_eyes:

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Oh no, that is an actual nightmare. :flushed:

You better believe it. Just lost another listing.

I bet this is an attack. We really disrupted the little niche we play in and took the best seller and popular pick badge from our main competitor.

Our best seller has hundreds of organic reviews already.

This is going to take forever for their crappy support to fix / figure out. I just reached out to our recruiter that helped us once before and handed over the case # to escalate.


This is annoying. It’s really freaking amazing that if you have WFS inventory that it’s even possible for it not to show up on the site. Even if you are set up as seller fulfilled as well.


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Quick FYI, if you have someone’s personal email, use that and avoid support completely. I went back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth…) for more than 2 weeks via a case, seeking an answer to a very simple question. I got nothing but useless (AI?) responses in return.

Finally, a guy who contacted me when I first onboarded sent me a new marketing message. That reminded me I had his email. So I wrote to him asking for help with my issue and the next day, the problem was fixed. Coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it. He never replied to my email, but if he got the matter fixed behind the scenes, that’s all I need.

My case went absolutely nowhere. I don’t think they’re using humans over there either.

Try a human from the beginning, if you have access to one. :grinning:


Was his first name Marc by any chance???

Trying to see how small of a world it is over there… haha


This is fixed. No response from support yet. My inside contact did respond - seems to think it was a glitch. I’m not so sure. :roll_eyes:


I’m thankful it’s fixed and confident you’re documenting for when it happens next.

Because a “glitch” doesn’t just affect one account.


And seemingly never happens to those competitors of ours… :thinking:

Will be checking on this hourly for the next few weeks to see what’s what. We get these period lulls that don’t make any sense from time to time. It would have taken awhile to figure out what was going on if I didn’t click on the “Biz Mentor” which showed us OOS. Now I’m wondering if this has been happening now and then and we didn’t even notice.

It’s clearly too much to ask for Walmart to send out an automated notification when something this devastating happens. :roll_eyes:


Good times, best seller down again… Glitch my keister…

This is a good ole black hat attack!

Let’s see if my inside guy brushes it off again. We are down 41% this week.

Always seems to happen around 10PM - PRIME SELLING TIME for this product.