This is INSANE - Can't go to page 3 of our orders (1 of my accounts)

This has been going on all week. I was working on reviewing orders for reviews and all of a sudden the whole thing crapped out on me and all it was showing was order numbers as links with no details or product images.

So I cleared some history / cache and I can go to page 1-2 and 4-100 but not 3. LOL WHAT???

This is on Chrome. Works on edge on the same laptop. No issues on my other account which has its own laptop.

I bet no one has ever experienced this in the history of Amazon selling…

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Someone forgot to tip the dealer…

Russian roulette :arrow_right: Amazon style

You never know where the blank is going to be.

You people on fire today…


Amazon problems are often Chrome specific. Maybe its Amazon’s fault, may its google.

There have been Safari specific problems too.


Is there an “official” browser seller central supports? My guess is there’s not and every browser has specific problems.

It used to be Firefox, support as recently as a year ago told sellers with problems to try Firefox.

There is code on the site which is the mainline code, and certain functions are handled differently from the mainline for some browsers. Amazon knows what browser you are using and does different things.

Simple logic suggests that browser specific code gets less testing than the mainline code.


For many years, Amazon maintained in various SHC (“Seller Help Content”) and CHC (“Customer-facing Help Content”) pages that Firefox was preferred.

As far as I can tell, all such references are n/l/a.

This is the first issue I have ever had with Chrome. Makes me sad. My fav browser.

I can hear the scoffs from some of you through the screen. :rofl:

Oh just go ahead and come out with it … you like shiny things … go ahead just say it … :rofl:

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I was always told Firefox also

As long as it isn’t “I Love Edge!!!”

Brave is a new one that some people seem to love, but they don’t know why they like it. Not sure if it was on some late night infomercial - -

And the people who are all “Duck Duck Go!!! Cause they are watching you!” And when I ask, Um, where did duckduckgo get the $$ to advertise on tv to use their browser if it wasn’t from selling your info/displaying ads? They get very quiet!


Edge is based on the Chrome Engine, and has in the past shared problems with Chrome.

I am not happy with recent Firefox releases but continue because FF knows many of my passwords that I have forgotten, and I am running synced version on multiple systems.

But I would not trust google with my info.

I happily run Duck Duck Go on my phone where it blocks tracking cookies from my apps. There are hundreds every day. But I do not use it to browse.

I use a bank which I dislike, and continue to because of the number of entities which do ACH transfers to it. I feel trapped because it is too much work to notify all of those who do, and I cannot risk interrupting the flow.

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You’re not alone.
I use Chrome on both desktop and mobile.

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Aint it the truth…


Too right you can.

They used to be more about privacy but these days not so much.


This never fixed itself so I ended up deleting all of my history on Chrome and that worked.

Very strange but this is the solution :white_check_mark: to the problem if anyone ever runs into it on Chrome or maybe even other browsers.

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They are selling ads on Duck Duck Go, they are not placing tracking cookies.

If you try Duck Duck Go on your phone, you will be shocked by the number of tracking cookies they are blocking on Apps.

I have on several occasions had google lose my cookie preferences following an upgrade and returned to defaults. I was already fed up when google asked me to review the location I had just driven to. It happened whether or not I used Google Maps. It no longer happens when Duck Duck Go screens my apps.

I find those requests for review to be the equivalent of saying suck it up, we are tracking you.


I don’t get those requests from Google, ever. Maybe because I have location disabled on my phone? :thinking:

I only turn it on, manually and temporarily, if I use Waze.

I have Google Maps disabled.

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With the amount of ads Duck Duck Go airs, they are doing more then selling ads.

Recent information about the negotiations between Duck Duck Go and Apple where Duck Duck Go was going to pay to be the default search on iPhones also suggests there is a rather large bank account, just sayin.