This is why we save addresses separately for all orders.


Get a message in spanish of course. “I didn’t get my package” (3rd one we have gotten this month).

Check the order on Amazon, no address. Go to QuickBooks do a search on order # find address. Google address.

Freight forwarder BM-Cargo.

Sorry not our problem, contact your freight forwarder.


While I totally get it … that is a violation of the PII / End User Data 30 day limit to store those.


Unless it is stored securely, encrypted and only people that need it have access to it. It is also 30 days from when it is no longer needed. Amazon scrubs the address 3 days after shipment.

2.1 Data Retention. Developers will retain PII for no longer than 30 days after order delivery and only for the purpose of, and as long as is necessary to (i) fulfill orders, (ii) calculate and remit taxes, (iii) produce tax invoices and other legally required documents, and (iv) meet legal requirements, including tax or regulatory requirements. Developers may retain data for over 30 days after order delivery only if required by law and only for the purposes of complying with that law. Per sections 1.5 (“Encryption in Transit”) and 2.4 (”Encryption at Rest”) at no point should PII be transmitted or stored unprotected.

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I brought that up with MODS, nuthin happened as usual.
No mention anywhere for the change from 30 days to a few.


We don’t use API applications that interface with Amazon that save the data more than 30 days.

We also sell medical equipment which can/has been subject to recall. In the event of recall we have to be able to contact the recipient or provide names and addresses to the manufacturer so they can contact them. An amazon account messaging system is not considered reliable for this purpose as no one else can send using the unique e-mail address amazon generates for each customer/seller relationship.


Whether Developer or not the PII remains the same … BUT … you would be covered.

Also, for those reading, anyone downloading data is almost certainly accessing through MWS which qualifies.


I should have added this section in the Seller code of conduct for reference to anyone reading.

Customer information

If you receive customer information such as addresses or phone numbers to fulfill orders, you may use that information only to fulfill orders and must delete it after the order has been processed. You may not use customer information to contact customers (except through Buyer-Seller Messaging) or share it with any third-party.

According to that I am (and WILL BE) in violation for copying those addresses into my Stamps/Endicia account to print off the labels.

I don’t use their automated notifications to let Amazon or eBay know I printed the label because I don’t want all the loons asking why they haven’t gotten the package when “it was shipped 8 hours ago”.

Amazon must be in the dictionary when you look up ‘control freak’.

Of course, I’m in the secondary meaning…


Good to know, but my lost USPS package was sent end of September. There’s no way to make a claim without an address.


Don’t get me wrong … I don’t agree with Amazon’s policy on this. In fact, I wholeheartedly disagree with it. I’m just stating what they say.


I won’t tell if you don’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


IANAL but firmly believe that Amazon would be unable to defend that policy legally, on merit, especially for FBM 3Ps who purchase shipping as a business expense.

I think they include it just to CYA.


Ummmmmmmmmmm … what?



Wouldn’t know if you told me

Obviously @papy and our 10 year old granddaughter have been talking :wink:




UH… I wouldn’t use that “abbreviation”, it could be misinterpreted. :rofl:

Sorry … but we read it several times and thought

I ■■■■

How could this be true?


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That’s correct, and that’s the law, and that’s the same law that Amazon somehow skates on by.

Same as them skating by having to register each FBA FC / DC with the FDA because they store food, supplements, medicine / OTC’s.

They use the “We are a grocery store loophole” as the excuse. Right…

The law is ecommerce shippers must record the lot # of everything that has a lot # for every shipment. Lot traceability

There’s a drop dead date of 2026 for everyone. Large companies are already supposed to have this in place. Amazon does not.


I’m glad that loophole works for Amazon, because if they actually had to comply with more regulations they’d probably tack on an additional FBA fee for any consumable category. If an issue arises from them mishandling products, it would likely be traced back to it being Amazon’s fault (eg. all products from 1 FC made people sick) and the liability would likely go to them, so I’m not too concerned about that.

I looked up the lot traceability thing, it says it’s only for certain items (that have a high risk of a recall)

And it’s only if the food is fresh. If it’s been processed (cooked/canned/processed into supplements, etc) in a way that would kill any potential pathogens it no longer has to be traced.

Am I missing something here w/ regards to that?

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Yea, you are.

I did a massive implementation in 2016 with DHL for the supplement category. We had to register their facilities with the FDA and we had to institute lot traceability, not only for DTC orders but also for what was in each of our 350 stores.

We didn’t do all of that for the fun of it / cost of it. We did it because we had to by law.

Nature’s Bounty - our original parent company had been doing it already for us. Picking locations had 2 barcodes on them. 1 was for the UPC code obviously, the other was a code with lot / exp date imbedded in it for tracking.

There were a handful of recalls during my tenure there of 3rd party products. We knew instantly who we had shipped them to and they were notified via email. Those lots only, if it wasn’t a complete recall of all lots.

At the time, we didn’t know what was at store level under Nature’s Bounty but we did once we moved over to DHL as our 3PL. That venture with them was a disaster btw. I’ve long since exited what’s left of my former company but I do know they moved their logistics elsewhere.

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