This product has been identified as a food supplement that does not contain ingredient information in the ingredients attribute field.

Hello everyone!

We are expanding to Amazon UK and encountered the following error when adding all of our products:

“This product has been identified as a food supplement that does not contain ingredient information in the ingredients attribute field. The sale of such products is prohibited on In order to reinstate ASINs that have been suspended, please complete the ingredient information in the ingredient field.”

Has anyone encounter this as well? How did you manage to troubleshoot it?

We have tried adding all ingredients into all possible “ingredient field” with no luck.

Thank you for your support and help

Is your product a food supplement? Is it a food?

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supplements, vitamins and minerals

Paging @ASV_Vites, as they are the expert!


Sadly I don’t have international experience and have never had this issue in the US marketplace.

We did however get enrolled in FBA export automatically and Amazon started taking thousands of orders for products that are legal in the US but not internationally in the supplement category. Most were caught and rejected by customs and obviously we took the hit.

Knew what was happening and took the risk because there were similar Amazon 1P listings being sold illegally internationally as well and still are to this day…

@chieri.amz - Are you sure that what you are selling in the US is legal where you are trying to set them up. The laws and regulations are very different and sometimes even go down to the potency level of certain supplements on what’s ok and what’s not.

More importantly, how are you categorizing these products as you set them up? That can trigger this issue as well.

Those ingredient fields show up for every supplement listing but are only valid and error-causing when the subcat doesn’t jive with the algorithm that controls those listings.


I’m going to tag @oneida_books as a feeds/database expert because I assume that you are using file upload instead of Add A Product? :thinking:

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Sorry to hear this!

It does not feel right that you were deemed wholly liable for the cost of that error.

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It’s never Amazon’s fault. Further, we knew FBA Export was coming and had the ability to shut off export by product / country. Didn’t do it out of greed and moreover bc of the fact that Amazon themselves was AND IS still doing it on the subcategory.

Hey, if it’s good enough for Amazon, it’s good enough for us, right?

Honestly, as much as I dislike Amazon 86% of the time, we should not have allowed this to happen.

I admit when I’m wrong 100% of the time.


Hi @ASV_Vites, thanks for sharing your experience.

During the weekend we were actually able to figure it out something that worked. When we added the ingredients with quantities to the bullet points the product lists were accepted. Weird, but it worked.

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That is really weird. Never heard of the algorithms being sensitive to the verbiage in bullet points.

But whatever… It’s done thankfully.