To those who Celebrate

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Yes indeed, Happy Passover, and a general blessed Holy Week, to all who observe. :pray:

:articulated_lorry: And a friendly reminder to pay attention to any shipping holidays or curtailed carrier hours. :sweat_smile:


No shipping day issues until Memorial day.

The only reason I know it was in one of the news announcements yesterday. So yes we should pay attention, since Amazon expects us to ship on this and the Easter holiday season.

I will say, the dates were a bit hidden in the announcement, and took me a few clicks to hit the right link.


Here is the link to the forum thread:
Tips to manage seller-fulfilled orders during upcoming holidays

With a number of holidays and observances over the coming weeks, including Easter, Qingming Festival, and Ramadan, we’ve prepared tips to manage your seller-fulfilled orders so you don’t overlook orders that could impact your account health.

Confirm which dates are Amazon holidays

Amazon holidays are not counted as an operating day when your expected ship-by and delivery date is estimated. When the estimated ship-by date and delivery date fall on a holiday, they are pushed out to the next operating day after the holiday.

If you ship internationally, check the national holidays for each store that you sell in, and update your vacation settings for all stores. You’ll need to confirm shipment of orders by the expected ship date, unless you enable vacation mode.

You can set a holiday as an operating day if your business and carrier operate that day. For more information, go to Manage holiday settings.

Set order handling capacity

Setting an order handling capacity protects you against a sudden increase in orders that you can’t reliably ship to customers during this period. As soon as you get one more order over your limit, the tool will automatically add one day to your handling time for all additional orders to make sure that your business isn’t overwhelmed.

For more information, go to How to set order handling capacity

Ship on time

We recommend that you enable Shipping Settings Automation (SSA) for domestic shipments. SSA sets the most accurate delivery time for every order based on your warehouse’s location, your customer’s location, and up-to-date performance data from the specific carriers that you use.

Set your account to vacation mode

If you’re taking time off, and won’t be able to fulfill orders, set your account to vacation mode to remove your seller-fulfilled listings.

To set up vacation mode, go to Settings, select Account Info and click Going on a vacation? in the Listing status panel.

Your seller-fulfilled listings will be removed from Amazon product detail pages and search results within one hour. When you’re ready to sell again, you can change the status of your listings back to Active.

For more information, go to Listing status for vacations, holidays, and other absences.


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Thanks all! :heart:

This is my least favorite holiday due to the surgical-level house cleaning prior, and the massive amount of cooking during. For what it’s worth, Whozzit thinks it’s fun because we do it together. For me, it’s just too much work :frowning:

Prior to COVID, I had a monthly house cleaner but he got a full-time job.


I apologize for my last grumpy post. In addition to being physically exhausted, our internet went down yesterday morning. AT&T says it’s an area-wide problem (not just our house) and it may take a few days to fix.

I’m at the local library with my laptop and I put my Amazon shop on vacation. Yes, I can print shipping labels at the library, but it’s one less thing to worry about.

Happy Passover to all who celebrate!

I’ll be in a better mood when our internet is fixed.


48 hours after AT&T internet crashed, we’re back online! First thing I did was re-activate my shop.

2-hour nap yesterday afternoon, feeling almost normal now :slight_smile: (whatever normal is).

My only holiday challenge left is how not to gain weight from all the cooking and matzo.

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Could you hotspot off your phone?

That’s my back up plan and for when I’m on the road.


My only phone is a land line.

I’m OK going to the library. It’s just the annoyance of having it happen.


And here I thought I was the last survivor, as in having a land line twisted pair copper. We even have DSL connected to that, as I have found it is more reliable than all other internet services. Use cable internet for speed.

Though I do have VOIP lines and cell phones, no one gets the cell phone number, only for me to use outbound. And as a back up hotspot.

ETA; Chag Sameach to my brothers and sisters, as a converted (from nothing) Catholic after falling from the sky. For without you, I would have never touched the hand of God.


In 2012 I bought a burner phone for travel. I used all my purchased minutes trying to decipher the Koreanglish instructions and the phone has been in a drawer ever since.

We have DSL which has 1-20 hour outages a few times a year, but never 48 hours before. ATT&T says DSL will be discontinued “sometime” in the nebulous future. Our neighborhood is on a waiting list slated for fiber optics within 2 years. When FIOS comes in, we might stop DSL. Regardless, I have zero desire for a cell phone.

a small prayer of gratitude that you were not Icarus.


Yes, agree, everyday. However so many parallels, I did keep my wings, but the trees took other parts off. It was not into the water as he, yet being in a seaplane that would have been better. I did depart, but came back from a warm and loving place.

In the end as dark fell, a small whistle in my survival vest saved me. After I disabled the CO2 cartridges. A very short version, of the longest day for me on this earth.

Everyday is a glorious day now.


I’ve got a plan for that fateful day…


Project Kuiper sounds interesting and appealing. In the mean time, I’m waiting for FIOS.


They actually, installed that by our connected farmhouse. Can’t wait until we are ready to move in after renovation and hook up. We had AT&T dish before, what a rip off, moved to Comcast, $90 when we started now over $300 a month W I don’t say that word so made my own boxes.


I can see the space tourism waivers will read, “due to the amount of internet providing satellites now circling the earth, we cannot guarantee safe travel for your million dollar excursion.”

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:joy: :joy:


Wall-E’s clutter

Real life (object size exaggerated but this is how much “junk” and satellites is currently being tracked)


Not to worry, give it a millennia and let nature take it’s course…

What goes up must come down.