Trucking Company Estes Under Cyber Attack

I had a shipment from a supplier that shipped last Friday. When trying to watch the tracking yesterday and today, I couldn’t get the website to pull up when clicking on the link in my text message. So I went online today to the website and here is what I see:

This can’t be good.

These attacks are getting bigger and bigger, but also way more targeted.

Always have backups, AIR GAPED backups at least once a year.

I’m not saying Estes didn’t do everything right, Just a reminder to everyone! (As I download an offline copy of SAS’s last backup!)

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So I showed up at the terminal in the next town over earlier today. All of the ladies were really nice. We got to talking for a bit and was able to make arrangements for my delivery. They think it will be another week or so before things start to come back on. I agree with the commentators in the video @papy posted that it will be around 2 weeks.

These guys have always been good to me, so I pay more to have my shipments directly routed to Estes instead of some other company. I really hope things go back to normal for them soon.

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