Two listing questions

question 1. On the page “Customer Experience Metrics” > in stock rate, I have 53 “problem” listings that are out of stock. I know they’re out of stock, and have no immediate plans to restock.

I used to be able to go to a page for in stock issues, and click “ignore this recommendation” (or something like that) and I’d no longer be reminded to restock that item.

Where has that page gone?

question 2. re: Manage Inventory > edit > close listing —
What’s the point of closing a listing? because it seems to do absolutely nothing. If the item is out of stock anyhow, closing it has no discernible effect.

I was hoping that if I closed a listing, it would no longer be an “out-of-stock problem” (see question #1). Nope, no such luck. I gave it 24 hours before I checked.

Is “Close Listing” Amazon’s latest placebo to make us think that we’re doing something? (or make us think that they’re doing something?)

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Oh but it does.

Amazon likes to throw phantom numbers in your inventory putting those out of stock items in stock. The item then sells within seconds.

Closing the listing prevents this.


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :rofl:

I :poop: you not. Happens all the time!