unable to create listings

I’m unable to create new listings.

Whether I try to start a listing from scratch or copy an existing listing, I get the same message:

5461: You may not create new ASINs for the brand: Meredithbead

If you believe the product you want to sell is not already listed in the Amazon catalog and should be listed as a new ASIN, submit an application by clicking here and completing the form.

Except that I am Meredithbead, the one and only, and no one else has access to my account.

I got my re-verification postcard 3 days ago and the warning is gone. My account is in good standing. I’m able to edit existing listings. I just sold something and printed Amazon shipping. I can access everything in my account. I’m identified as my brand owner.

But I can’t add listings on my brand.

I opened a case with Seller Support. Let’s see if this gets fixed before I wake up tomorrow. Yeah, in my dreams.

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Do you have Meredithbead as a brand without a waver? If so you could reach out to the Brand Registry Team.

Are you using flat file uploads, or the on screen editor? I find the uploads are more reliable and give error reports back to you.


I was unable to find that. The page on brand info only has a link to register new brands or complain about violations. When I clicked any of the links and said “other”, I was sucked into a repeating maze where I couldn’t do squat.

First reply 1:20am from Seller Support was the usual useless cut and paste, either courtesy of a bot named Tony, or someone named Tony who didn’t have a clue. “Please attach 87 files of gobbledygook which are completely irrelevant to your case.” 2nd reply 4am, “We still don’t have those files…”

I phoned an hour ago. First 3 times disconnected after a minute or two on hold. Fourth time I got a real live person who actually was (I hope) competent.

I asked her WHY? Seems that a number of Handmade sellers were locked out of their own brands. I haven’t heard of anyone else with that problem, but it sounds plausible. Probably courtesy of another newby coder who of course will face no consequences for screwing up.

I submitted full screen shots of the page with the error message, and my brand registry page.

She said she would have the problem fixed within two days, but in the mean time I shouldn’t try to list anything. I’ll get an email when it’s fixed.

Hopefully all will be well.

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No mater how many :frog:'s we :kissing_heart: :kiss: we will never get a :prince:

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You have to reach the catalog people to fix these types of issues. This requires a phone call.

The system is actually a good one. So many sellers abuse listing practices and make a mess of things.