Unverified reviews

I’ve never understood this and have not seen any explanations as to why this is even a thing but maybe someone can explain. Why should you be able to leave a review on something you have not purchased? Is it a legal thing? The way I’m seeing it is I can leave a review on an Amazon Fire TV stick and I have not brought one on Amazon or anywhere else.

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It’s an old social proof thing that’s never been shut off. Was designed to get as many reviews as possible on the marketplace when it all started.

Amazon thinks or thought that this would be a good idea to have its buyers shared their experience on something they have but didn’t buy there.


You would think they might be able to code it to exclude exclusive items such as Amazon’s own branded products or Handmade category products. I can understand Dewalt Drills.


I think only verified purchase reviews should be allowed, after delivery and after the return period.


amen to this too!


I can make a list so long of things I think Amazon should do to make things better so long that it would test the limits of this forum.

Nobody can explain why Amazon does what they do. There’s no logic to it, at least that I can comprehend.


Funny story. In December last year one of our customers placed a large order from us on eBay. In January, the same customer gave is a 5 star review of the same order on Amazon. Obviously not purchased on Amazon, but we were pleased nonetheless.



Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews

“Verified Purchase” means the reviewer bought or used the item on Amazon, and paid a price available to most Amazon shoppers.

After someone submits a review, we check if they:

  • Bought or used the item on Amazon;
  • Paid a price available to most Amazon shoppers.

If we confirm both, we label the review as “Verified Purchase.”

Reviews without this label can also be helpful. For example, a customer buys an item from a different company, but wants to share their opinion on Amazon.

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NBC morning show ran a piece on the Amazon fake reviews this morning, how to detect and report fake reviews on Amazon. Amazon claims they have stopped or taken down thousands since last December.

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Once upon a time Amazon wasn’t filled with bought on Alibaba, Amazon exclusive products. In the beginning the great and powerful Bezos, envisioned an online Marketplace filled with exactly the same products and Brands as what you would find in the aisles of your local Wal-Mart, Sears (yes, they used to be a thing), K-Mart, Woolworths, Target, Saks 5th Avenues, or Piggly-Wiggly store. Shoppable from the convenience of your toilet on your internet phone or portable computer.

So, the thinking was that Amazon’s community would be able to provide reviews of the regional toilet paper they loved and had purchased from their local grocer for years. And inspire someone three thousand miles away to experience something exotic and new to them. Bringing the world just a little closer.

Well it was a total failure, and we are stuck living in the Fallout and waste of a failed Utopia’s attempt to change the world.