Update TIN on Wal-Mart

I opened my Wal-mart account about 2-3 years ago, and need to update my EIN / TIN. I tried submitting my EIN SS-4 letter from IRS a few times and it keeps getting rejected. Anyone know the trick to update your TIN / EIN?

To add extra worry, the denial emails say my account could be suspended in 3 days if I don’t submit the correct information - I’m wondering if this is a generic response geared towards new accounts or if my account is really at risk. I tried replying to their email - so far no response.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I have re-submitted my information about 10 times and it keeps getting rejected. I opened a case, and they closed it by saying they would attach my documents to the file.

It would be much easier if they simply tell me exactly what forms to submit.

I suspect the problem is that their address verification system doesn’t recognize the suite number of our office address. Certain apps have shown this limitation - and on their forms they appear to have a problem with our new address.

Any suggestions?

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BUMP for Walmart EIN/TIN help


Did you happen to try the main area here:
Financial Settings / Tax Profile

Click on Edit Tax Profile near the right-hand side of the screen.
Then you should be able to edit the TIN, and can also upload any new supporting documents, if needed.

I’ve done this 4 times already. My 2nd new case on this got closed, but said it was forwarded to the “correct department”. They said I don’t have to worry about INFORM ACT compliance, but I keep getting notices about needing to comply for Arkansas.

I just checked my business and tax info again - they haven’t updated it.