Update to handling time at SKU level


You currently ship over 95% of certain products within one day after the customer places an order. However, the handling time configured in your account (between default handling time and SKU-specific handling time) is not set to one day. This extends your estimated delivery date and can make your offers less attractive and potentially affect your sales.

Starting on August 29, 2023, specific SKUs that ship within one day after the customer places an order are automatically updated to one-day handling time.

This means that customers will see a shorter and more accurate delivery time when they shop on Amazon. This can potentially increase the chances that customers select your offer.

After this update, you are required to ship the impacted SKUs within one day after the customer places an order to avoid late shipments.

To opt out of this update before August 29, 2023, click here.

After this date, you can change your handling time at SKU level in two different ways:

  1. Go to Manage Inventory (Amazon Sign-In) and edit each SKU you want to update on the Offer tab.
  2. Upload a file using Inventory Loader. To learn more, go to Use the Inventory Loader (أمازون).

The Amazon Services team

Amazon is planning to force handling time changes at the SKU level. Oh, HELL no.

What Amazon is doing is telling you that if you do not read what we send out then you will be surprised when we decide to change something.

All one has to do is to opt out and/or (if they miss the opt out) use the Manage Inventory or use the excel templates and upload the data.

Of coarse, we would check the email header and verify the info in Seller Central before clicking any link to opt out.

We would be interested if anyone else has received this notice or has found a posting of such on Seller Central? … We have not been able to validate via either method (as of the posting of this response).


Anything I can opt out of today will become mandatory at some point in the future.
I do not like what I see coming.

Agree but we would still like to see this notification as a News release on Seller Central or a notice on NSFE from a mod.

It can not be across the board as those of us who do custom or handmade would not be able to meet such a requirement. Has to be an off ramp from such policy.

We have noticed that we are now getting a notice widget on orders “risk of shipping late” when we have another full day to process and the order is not even 24 hours old. We consider this as bot micro management.

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I have only the information provided in this email.
I can confirm that it is from a real Amazon domain.

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@maintak … still would like to see if others are getting this email and/or if it has been a News release.

Your heads up should alert us all to be on the look out for this one.

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Amazon just can’t understand how underpromising and overdelivering is infinitely better than promising prime 2-day delivery and getting 2 weeks instead.

Personally, I don’t want impatient buyers. Let them be someone else’s “challenge” to delight.


What if you want to go on vacation but not shut the store down?
Increasing the handling time was always the best solution.

Now some bot may change it while your trying to enjoy a few days a year?
They just can’t keep their sticky fingers off of sellers accounts.
Just lets sellers manage their own businesses pleeeeeeeease.


They are having more and more trouble delighting buyers, so they are pressuring us to pick up the slack. They can bite me.


We upload a “Price & Quantity” template 2x a day with our handling times…so they can bring it on & we’ll just change it back!

I send mine every hour. The fewer chances I give Amazon to mess with things the better.

Those things make my head hurt.

But I think this is the same as addressed earlier – here – by Roxy.

I believe that allowing any sort of automation is taken by Amazon as liberty to tweak at will.

At least that is what I took away.

I believe that if you allow no automation – either in templates or handling time – that your SKU handling time is still sacred (unless you offer premium shipping)

Link is missing.

I don’t believe I have any automation allowed.

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Agree but we would still like to see this notification as a News release on Seller Central or a notice on NSFE from a mod.


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I don’t know what’s changing on Aug 29, automated handling has been around for a while, I think. Just make sure you have it turned off here. Maybe Aug 29 is the date on which Amazon plans to flip it on for everybody.

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I think April was referring to this thread -

It sounds like Amazon has decided to automate individual SKU handling times too, along with your general handling time settings. But in either case, you should be able to avoid any Amazon interference by keeping the ‘automate handling times’ switch set to OFF.

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I think this is the new part: regardless of what your handling time was before, if you ship in one day your handling time for the SKU gets set to one day, overwriting your handling time settings.

Amazon: “You are often faster than you’ll say you’ll be.”
Me: That’s ok, I’d rather things arrive earlier than expected!
Amazon: You have a gap! Now we’ll set your listings so you HAVE to be that fast all the time!


I think this is the new part

Yes, but if you leave your handling automation set to off, it shouldn’t affect you. :crossed_fingers: Just make sure to check it on Aug 29, and 30.


Maybe Amazon is going to introduce “Item Level Automated Handle Time” that will have a toggle to turn off at item level? … a new pain in the listing attributes …

We don’t take the link provided above as a new announcement to a pending new program that starts on August 29, 2023. That is just the info page on the original start of Automated Handle Time done in shipping settings as your above image shows. {{{ BTW … we leave the Default Handling Time in shipping settings at 1 and set the items individual handling time to 2 }}}.

We would think this is Amazon’s attempt to make sellers aware of this page where Amazon suggest for you to change your item level handling time based on your past orders’ delivery time results.

Manage Seller Fulfilled Products > tab Recommendations

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