UPS accounts

I know there was talk about people getting billed for non-Amazon shipments via their Buy Shipping account number. What I’m not sure if I remember seeing is if the people were using the API (for which they had to sign/acknowledge a new Tech Agreenent) or if it was via Buy Shipping in Seller Central.

As an aside I asked my rep to check out the account number on our Amazon labels and they were nice enough to inform me that we had multiple UPS accounts assigned to us via Amazon. Very nice. They obviously couldn’t tell me much more and probably told a little too much, but there we are.

It would be nice to know a little more about all of this, but we know that’ll never happen.

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There were UPS adjustments for both. API and normal Amazon Buy Shipping.

The API agreement is just an extra agreement if you use a 3rd party program to tie into Amazon Buy Shipping without using Seller Central. It helps create additional accounts but is already accepted for Amazon Buy Shipping inside Seller Central.


Ok, thanks that answers that part.

I had asked my rep to try to add (apparently) our Buy Shipping UPS account into Quantum View. They said they’d try, but that there are “multiple accounts in our name via Amazon.” I also told the about the scam going around that uses those Buy Shipping account numbers. They were surprised, but not shocked that it would happen.


I believe I made an incorrect statement.

I read non-Amazon has MFN / FBM and did not think about MCF or other platform sales.

We had received a paper bill from UPS for a shipment that did not belong to our company.
That particular shipment was sent by another company and not related to us but Shopify made an error and created a UPS account with our credentials. After calling UPS, I then spoke with Shopify and then Shopify closed the fake account they created for us, and we did not have to pay the invoice.

I have not seen Amazon bill our account for any unknown additional shipments. Just adjustments when appropriate.

Sorry for any confusion.


I think I’ve found 3 different accounts for my business. 2 for returns and 1 for outgoing. Although my rep made it sound more like 5 or more.