UPS Labels showing incorrect weight

We seldom use UPS, but this weekend we opted to send 3 packages by UPS instead of the Post Office, using Amazon Buy Shipping. Each package weighs 6 lbs and they are in identical boxes measuring 13" x 10" x 3"

2 of the UPS labels printed showing the weight as 3 LBS and the 3rd one shows 6 LBS. Thought maybe something was input wrong but nope, everything is showing correctly on the order details page.

My first instinct was to refund the labels and start over, but opted to go ahead and send them as is. Since the info was input correctly fingers crossed there will be no issues down the line.

Ok, this is a bit different than a discrepancy between reality and the data input for the ASIN.

1 was correct.
2 were incorrect.

All 3 were the same ASIN, bought through ABS.

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2 different ASINs. One of the 3 LB labels and the 6 LB label are for the same ASIN. The other 3 LB label is for a different ASIN.

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Amazon is playing with the Manage Order Pages currently causing some issues including access to orders.