UPS throwing me under the bus?

A buyer messaged me a few minutes ago saying that the tracking shows delivered but they never got it. I checked the tracking and UPS shows it was delivered back to me. When I look up the tracking on the UPS site, it says

As requested by the sender, the package is being returned. Contact the sender for additional information. / The sender requested that we return this package.

Needless to say, we made no such request. Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas what might have caused it?

Sounds like the driver hit the wrong button. Either it was refused or incorrect address.

I had a TBA last week that was 3 states away and was marked “Address undeliverable” Yet a smile truck delivered to me the same day


I don’t think so. After the pickup scan, this message was the first update on the order. It never even got scanned as arriving at the local distribution center before being rerouted back to me.

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Strange. Your UPS account or Amazon’s?

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Amazon’s, Buy Shipping.

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I mean, MAYBE Amazon requested it? But that would take effort!

I don’t even think you can request it when you use buy shipping because you aren’t the account holder, or did they actually fix that flaw?

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Not as far as I know, and I can’t see Amazon requesting an item be returned to me. That just… doesn’t make any sense at all.

Oh I’m not saying it makes sense! It’s Amazon, nothing makes sense!

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Sounds like a UPS glitch or something. We had one order shipped back to us years ago and it only made it halfway across the country, we didn’t request a return, the buyer wanted the item. It just arrived back with no info.


UPS’s answer:
Well you must have done it and forgotten. Sucks for you.



Yes, 4 times in November last year. All the same week.
3 were actually delivered but 1 was returned to us.

I thought it was a Veeqo causing a glitch, but I stopped researching the issue since it was not repeating anymore.

image of returning to seller

image of return request comment

then return request

I did win a Safe-T claim for the original and return shipping on the 1 this buyer returned.


My money would be on that because well it’s Amazon with something they claim would help you immensely. At least Amazon is consistent about that. :roll_eyes:

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In your case it sounds like Amazon messaged the buyer that the package wasn’t going to arrive, but the carrier delivered anyway.

In my case, Amazon said nothing to anyone, but the carrier returned the package to me, claiming I asked them to. At this point I assume it is a UPS issue and not an Amazon issue.