USPS doing spectacularly well this holiday season

This may be an opinion based on a small data set, but the USPS is delivering packages fast this year.

I’m seeing packages go from here in southern California to Virginia in three days, and Wisconsin in two days - in mid-December. That is good any time of year.


I just checked on packages for Friday and Saturday and 85% have been delivered.

One is undeliverable because the PO decided that Ozone Park is NOT New York City and the ‘buyer’ insisted on using NYC. It’s coming back to me!

I agree, results have been very good so far!


Wish we could say the same here in western North Carolina. Once packages leave NC, both Priority and Ground Advantage, they are delivered in 2 - 3 days. But it’s taking up to 5 days to leave NC, making the actual delivery time as long as 8 days.

One example is a 2 lb Priority Mail package going to Maryland mailed and scanned by the PO on 12/16. It didn’t leave the Charlotte Distribution Center until 12/20 and is finally out for delivery today, 12/22.

The Postmaster General’s 10 year plan of raising prices and slowing service is alive and well in our area.

When my packages are delivered, they are delivery quickly, but I have also had an uptick in orders returned and delayed.

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Probably just means the Charlotte DC is backup up with holiday mail. We have been lucky so far that the Phoenix hub has not experienced much delay (yet).



I had one package go from California (Bay Area) to Kansas in two days.

Another package went from Kansas to Oklahoma in three days.

Plain envelopes (First Class Mail) are moving slower. Still waiting on an envelope going from Oklahoma to Kansas after four days. Maybe today.


USPS has always seemed to be good getting packages around before the holidays. Doubt they want clogged up Post Offices, but I will agree mail is slow had relatives and friends mail Christmas cards that took 2 weeks to arrive only a few towns over.

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I’d like to think that is the case. However, the Post Office has changed the routing of all mail leaving here. Everything used to go to Greenville SC and they were very good at moving it along quickly. Ever since the recent change to Charlotte, we are seeing mulitple day delays.

A Ground Advantage package we sent to Massachusetts on 12/9 didn’t leave Charlotte until 12/14. Was delivered on 12/16.

Our local Postmaster is inundated with complaints of delays caused by this new routing. Unfortunately all he can do is sympathize.

USPS has always been my go-to carrier for packages/orders, with very few issues over the years.

As far as FCM and letters, as well as delivery :grimacing: “recent” changes have certainly strained the system, and employees.

Could this have to do with the fact that Amazon’s been moving more and more of their deliveries “in house”?

This happen to us also. The local distribution center is 27 miles away and used to process things quickly with 2 and 3 day results with Ground Advantage and Priority Mail. Now our packages go to a distribution center about 100 miles away and we see 3 to 5 day results. What gets us is that our closer Zone 3 packages are taking 6 to 7 days.

With that said … this holiday season has not had the lost packages that we have seen in past years. And after reviewing tracking today, we can say we didn’t have one lost package during the holidays.

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Certainly better than during the peak disruption of COVID, but still not to UPS levels. USPS took ten days to move an 8 pound package 100 miles, which resulted in a customer return. In non-peak times, I ship a lot using a large flat rate box but, because these have to be manually handled, I avoid using them during holiday season due to delays I’ve experienced in the past.


Apparently Texas is a problem

Well the mention of Amarillo, TX might explain the slowing of the processing of our shipments. And probably explains why we had 3 shipments (all on the same day) just disappear after hitting Amarillo, TX on September 12th.

Guess we got lucky after our September 12th issue with everything else making it through …

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Sorry, you are experiencing that. I hope you aren’t getting grotty customers in your seller messages. It sucks when the delays really have nothing to do with how quickly you get the packages out.

It has to be the Charlotte hub having issues. Our packages go to the Raleigh hub, and things seem to be moving pretty well. Most delays that are happening out of the NC for us.


Thanks. We’ve been lucky so far. A few “where is my stuff” questions but apparently delays this time of year are expected by most people.

Part of the delay appears to be due to the new distribution hub (no idea what they’re calling it in Postalese) in Gastonia. That’s the first stop after leaving our area. Rumor has it they are having major difficulties with new equipment and are not able to handle the volume of packages being received. Opening a new center just before the holiday rush might not have been the best idea.


Routing has definitely changed.

Still the same two alternative sorting centers for the first stop, but more choices for the second stop, and the elimination of NJ except when NJ is the destination.

Seems they have remedied the routing through bottlenecks in flyover country as well.

I suspect they have bought some new software or fixed some bugs,

Our use of letter mail is so low that I have no clue how fast it is.

I do know that ■■■■■■■■■■ Primary candidates can get their mail to arrive almost every day.

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I was sent this information recently, I didn’t listern to it, so don’t know what’s in it, but it may show what improvement they did.

I have to agree USPS has done a much better job this holiday season, non of my FBM orders were delivered after USPS’ expected delivery date, some were even earlier.

ETA, I just noticed one of my order (GA package) is out for delivery today in Frederickburg, VA, on a Sunday. :astonished:

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As do we … one in Everett WA …
Which for us means that everything shipped by Dec 21, 2023 will have been delivered before Christmas and all were Ground Advantage …

:+1: USPS :+1: for getting it done right this year!


Completely agree. They did wonderfully well this summer and fall; not one INR complaint since Feb. 2023–but buyer’s will have till the end of Jan.24 to file an A-Z claim!!