So my mailman pulled up today with a few small ground advantage packages for me today and I happened to be outside to walked up to the van to grab them.

“Sorry I gotta scan each one by hand, apparently last month I only scanned 83% of my packages for delivery so they docked my pay to 83%.”

He wasn’t kidding either.

I know he isn’t an issue cause he’s great (along with my UPS guy) so great, now metrics are gonna screw up my mail man.


I think my postman must be fine with 50% of his pay as that is about his rate of effort in delivering to the businesses in our complex.


My right hand man, who is a woman is married to a USPS route worker. I will check with her in the morning on this.

He works in the next town over, and I will agree, they are all outstanding people. I have not had a bad one on any route we were on or at the counter.

In COVID, we even had one come to our office/studio/production/warehouse to help with orders since she saw we were overloaded.

Just tonight a business person, that does a lot of registered mail, I run into often at 5pm at the Post Office. She used to work at that facility, I am putting my items on the counter, and she is thanking me and helping others in line.

I said to her, “You know you don’t work here anymore.”

Simple response, “It’s in my blood.”

Priceless people.


From what I have heard over the years from my local USPS workers, it is a dismal place to work, but quite often, they commute from their houses in Orange and Rockland Counties in NY State, about 50-80 miles from where they work in Manhattan. Something must make it worth their while.


“Sorry I gotta scan each one by hand, apparently last month I only scanned 83% of my packages for delivery so they docked my pay to 83%.”

I’ve had several discussions with my carrier about how they get paid too. Apparently, it is unbelievably complex. If it makes a difference, I’m on a rural route, and I (currently) have the best carrier on the planet.

It makes me feel a little like we’re kids on a playground - my carrier is better than your carrier! Oh yeah!? My carrier can beat your carrier up… LOL

Recently, my carrier had been scanning all my packages individually at the time of pickup (not because I requested it, but because doing so earned them more money, apparently). A couple days ago, that seems to have changed, and now they scan five individual packages at pick-up, and the rest of the individual packages when they get back to the post office.

Apparently, their duties are micro-managed to an incredible degree, and their pay is closely tied to each of their daily activities.


Loved this. :hugs: