USPS is Hiring for Part Time Rural Weekend Package Delivery

Our local rural post office has posted that USPS is hiring for Part Time rural weekend delivery of packages for the holidays. Although we know this has happened in various areas of the country in the past (mainly urban areas), this is a first for our rural area.

With the Ground Advantage addition, this move seems to be inline with the USPS aggressively trying to obtain more of the package delivery market.

Has any one else who is rural noticed any postings?
{{{ wondering if it is a national or regional push ??? }}}


We are suburban/countryside and the PO here is ALWAYS hiring. I suspect that GA has helped their volume since it’s pretty competitive with UPS and doesn’t require a trip to the UPS Store or having to pay for a pickup.

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This wasn’t the normal hiring or even seasonal hiring. If we get a chance tomorrow, we’ll snap a pic of the posting as it is specific in stating for rural delivery of packages on Sundays and possibly Saturdays if the route has more than the regular route carrier can handle.


Sounds like they are expecting an influx of Amazon Prime items. They are probably less expensive than hiring drivers for a lot of areas.

Could be a ‘fun’ negotiation whenever they come up for a new contract with Amazon.

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Just bumping your query.

@wadeorcas is fairly remote, iirc. And maybe @TCLynx ?

Not rural and somewhat OT, but I received a book delivered by the USPS on Labor Day. I did not think any of the delivery services worked on national holidays. Northern Utah to NYC Thursday to Monday.

Come rain, snow, sleet, or slime

All Hail Amazon -

It gets heated, even in the gloom of night

When its not ‘on time’


Very rural here. Usually when our PO is looking for workers, they put a yard sign out by the road. Nothing there today when I drove by. They only have 3 delivery routes, and one of them is only about 4 hours/day.


I’ve seen ads at my local post office for rural mail carriers but not recently. I live in the largest city in the county but there are still many rural areas elsewhere in the county that need mail service.

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In my location, Amazon fulfillment mostly stopped using UPS and switched mostly to USPS. This overloaded my local post office for delivery AND storage capacity. They have pallets of Amazon packages sitting on the back dock during the day until they can sort. They recently hired some more rural carriers just to deliver packages. Lots of route duplication but they can only get so many packages in the small vehicles. The letter carriers generally work until 6-7 at night on some routes. Seems like they should divide up some routes and get back to the carriers delivering both packages and letters instead of 2 vehicles. Maybe they are just trying to keep it temporary in case package volume changes but right now they seem to remain overwhelmed.

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Can’t say I’ve noticed much around here. Yea, we are pretty rural but not that far away from cities. And this is my normally “dead” time for Online sales as most of the country is putting their gardens to bed for winter. And it is my Busy time for the FARM since here in FL we are just ramping up for our cool season farm production.
So, sorry, Have not paid much attention to the online sales and shipping stuff. That usually wakes up in the transition to after Christmas for me.


Yep, with your products, Q4 is for “sourcing” (farming) and Q1/Q2 prep.

Thanks for weighing in on your USPOs staffing (or not)!