USPS shows buyer moved - no forward

The Setup

  • Customer orders
  • Item shipped using Amazon Buy Shipping
  • On time scan
  • USPS attempts to deliver on 3rd day of transit and 5th day of transit
  • USPS then shows Moved - No Forward on 6th day
  • It’s now 10th day - no customer contact to this point
  • USPS is slow at Return to Sender so it will be another 7 to 10 days before item comes back
  • Amazon tracking shows “Package held by carrier. Please contact the carrier.” and nothing about the USPS notification of Moved - No Forward


  • Would you notify customer of item being returned or not? Why?
  • Item is customized - no resell value on return … would you refund upon receiving back? If so, would you do a full refund or partial refund (restock fee to recoup cost of item and shipping)?
  • Would you simply wait and see if customer contacts you or opens an A to Z claim? Since it is a delivery issue, Amazon should cover the refund under policy.

Normally, we would refer to Amazon for an A to Z claim for any INR issues if customer contacts us. However, this time it is being returned for Moved - No Forward. We thought we would check for your feedback before it unfolds completely.

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Nope, cause it could provoke an AtoZ

Good question!
What does Amazon policy state for this case under customized? I ask cause I do not know Amazon policy on custom, I would treat this like Refused or “no longer wanted”




No Returns
No Refunds

Except where the item is broken (hard to break stainless steel so doesn’t really apply for us) or where the customization is wrong.

If we mess up on customization, we remake the order without hassle. Might happen once a year … so not an issue for us.

No returns for our category has been around for years on Amazon and doesn’t / hasn’t created any issues (at least for us … but we try to take care of the customer on Amazon and/or any other source).


I’m a little bit more on the “I’ll do extra” this time of year since it might be a gift."

I’d check out the name and address, and likely contact the buyer about the address issue.


I’m not opposed to this. Maybe send them a message (once). No reply, then I would say no refund


Shipping address is different than an address that was a part of the customization. It does appear to be a gift and we will reship it if it gets returned and a new shipping address is provided. Since delivery was tried twice on two different days, it just seems odd that the second delivery attempt was when USPS scanned as Moved - No Forward. This could be a USPS error and a 3rd attempt might be made and an email to the buyer might open a can of worms that would complicate the situation.

Think we will fire off an inquiry to USPS as to the whereabouts of the package. That will trigger the post office at the delivery end to respond.


And I would reship at no charge, personally, maybe even expedited. This would be the holiday kindness. :christmas_tree:


Nope it creates nothing but problems. Honestly once the package is picked up I never look at the tracking. If there is a problem they can contact me.

If they contact you, you can offer for them to repurchase the same item and make sure it goes to the correct address, then refund the old order. Otherwise it’s a custom product, no refunds unless you made a mistake.