Variation misuse

Besides the fact this HANDMADE listing contains items readily available at AliExpress and probably Alibaba (multiple Chinese sellers using same exact images) so definitely not handmade (“We make it a rule from working only with premium materials and reliable manufacturers”), is this a proper use of variations? ASIN B0BP7GZGTP. Only 2 of 5 are actually spinner rings.

My eyes suck but I believe I am seeing different designs.

Proper variations are size, color, quantity.

IMO this is a violation

The top of that ring looks like a hand but it’s not handmade. Further, the title has a bogus disease claim in it (anxiety). If Amazon hadn’t turned off most compliance bots like this, this listing would be yanked just for that.


For the love of @Pepper_Thine_Angus’ cookies!!!

Have a cold beer or a glass of wine. What ignorant, mental midget would believe a $17 silver relieves anxiety??? Can you imagine some bored housewife telling her doctor she doesn’t need her Xanax prescription anymore, she just bought this magic ring on Amazon…


It’s too freaking early in the morning to already be wanting a fifth of scotch, and yet some Seller calling themselves Teepollo, like what they love golf and KFC?, has me wishing I was already working on my second bottle of the day!

AJ, you have really got to stop accepting Alibaba and Temu receipts as legitimate suppliers…


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I believe PT Banun said there is one born every minute


And for every one of these, there are a dozen legit handmakers getting asked to prove their work with videos…


I would say it’s proper ‘ish’. If they didn’t use the term ‘spinner ring’, would you still question it?

These all seem to be somewhat similar rings, items to relieve anxiety, either by spinning the inner loop, or just by glancing down and seeing yourself being hugged, or whatever. Since they seem (at least to me, who knows next to nothing about this type of jewelry), to make up a logical group, and are similar rings (made for anxiety, 925 sterling, silver in color), putting them together as variations seems ok.

The listing was created using ‘colour’ as the variant. It seems that ‘style’ would have been a more appropriate choice, but variation types aren’t exactly cast in stone. Amazon uses ‘color’ as the variation type for some sports team merchandise, listing the team name as the applicable “color” for each variation. For instance -

So there’s some leeway in how variation types are interpreted.

With all due respect, I was a volunteer firefighter on the brigade for the county where my farm was located in VA. I provisioned a number of items in a backpack that was stowed with the door-breaking tools. A tedddy bear dressed as a fireman, several rosaries, a bible, a koran, some smelling salts, and a 12-pack of “space blankets”.

You would be amazed how much someone whose house is on fire calms down and becomes far less distraught when you put a rosary in their hand. So LESS than $17 worth of metal and beads reduces anxiety significantly for those of the Catholic faith.

As an aside, we were constantly recruiting new members, and our movable-letter sign outside the firehouse said “Firefighters wanted - irregular hours, no pay, good chance of injury or death, very cool hat”

(…but best of all, I got to put lights and a siren on my 1963 Jag XKE, and break every speed law known to man!)


I guess you are correct but I also suppose with this title you could group and call every band an anxiety ring.

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Generally speaking, ONLY if you’re given a pass for being a PRC-based “Handmade” seller:

“…Handmade Jewelry in Ohio” my ■■■.

The clearly-evident violations of both the letter & the spirit of Amazon’s published policies becomes more & more rampant with each passing day.

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Oh yeah, there’s that! :angry:

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A claim of this sort makes us wonder what professional documentation does one have to back up that type of statement.

If they were anxiety rings, then it becomes a style. “Made for anxiety” is more of a clinical statement and therefore needs the clinical data (research) to back it up. It is a slipper slope.

Remember “mood rings”? They changed color with your body temperature and so, when you saw a certain color, it represented your “mood”. Red? … oh my … I’m in a hot mood. Blue? … dang … My mood has cooled off.

One always needs to ask … at what point does this become snake oil?

One always needs to ask … at what point does this become snake oil?

Valid points, but my comments were intended to be solely about the appropriateness of them being grouped together as variations.

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Well, as I have often said, even a “Healing Crystal”, propelled at sufficient velocity, can become a “Hurting Crystal”.

  1. I agree I don’t think it’s handmade but I can’t prove that.

  2. Anxiety – I thought you couldn’t make “medical” claims like that. On the flip side…remember those fidget spinners when they were popular? My grand loved his and YES it helped keep him from fidgeting like waiting in the doctor’s office. School? they weren’t allowed. Car? Yes they helped. Gave him something to play with and focus on. He’s diagnosed ADHD and on meds now to help him stay focused at school. But in the car, a small toy like that was golden too.

  3. I think the seller is keyword stuffing…mainly because all options don’t match the title. The only change in the title is what’s in parenthesis…and YES I think that’s wrong.

And used to be a huge fan of reporting issues…not any more.

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I am convinced that firefighters are the sweetest, kindest people to walk the face of this earth. :hugs:


I don’t report anything because I think it can backfire in the most unexpected ways.

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Ah, but that is not the rosary at work. That is a lifetime of belief and conditioning at work. That’s powerful.

A silly ring is not. Not unless the unshakeable belief is there. And it won’t be.


Well, there is ONE exception that comes to mind to this wise general rule…

‘Hey! Come Frodo, there! Where be you a-going? Old Tom Bombadil’s not as blind as that yet. Take off your golden ring! Your hand’s more fair without it.’