VAT Refund on Sellers Fees for UK seller

I requested a refund of VAT on sellers fees in February 2023, after ping pong exchanges where they demanded lots of documents, all of which has been sent. I still haven’t had a refund. I wrote to managing director 4 days ago, but they just pasted the email back into the case ID.

What should I do if I don’t get any answer or resolution in the next 2 weeks? Send letter before court action to HQ? And if that doesn’t work, make a small claims via the courts?

This was my initial email:
I am a UK resident operating as a sole trader, selling in the UK
marketplace. Our business name is XXXXX and we are a VAT registered
business. I have attached a copy of our UTR number and here is our VAT
number: XXXXXX . Our business was incorrectly charged VAT on Amazon
selling fees, since we opened our Seller Central account on: 23 April 2020
up to the date we became VAT registered: 1 September 2020. I would
therefore like to request a full refund for VAT paid on all Amazon selling
fees, charged to our Seller Central account between 1 April 2020 to 30
September 2020. * Kind Regards



Just for my own knowledge, isn’t Amazon required to collect VAT if you are not registered and/or did not provide your VAT number to Amazon? If you did not have a VAT number prior to 9/1/20 why would you be eligible for a refund for VAT collected prior to that date?

ETA: Why did you wait over 2 years to request the refund?


Also, if this was collected in 2020 wouldn’t it have been paid to the UK gov’t already?


When I first opened a sellers account, and saw that VAT was collected on sellers fees, I asked Amazon why they were collecting VAT since they were a EU company and I was VAT exempt. But got a generic answer, so I just left it. I wasn’t aware we could claim back the VAT collected after it had been collected. Someone posted in the Sellers forum in UK advising people to reclaim. You can reclaim after 4 years.

I dont believe you can claim it back from Amazon, I would guess there are forms to fill out and submit to the uk govt and they would pay you back at this point. Seak the advise of a tax professional for more information.

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Not sure if this helps:

Where can I get help with my VAT registration obligations?
VAT Services on Amazon is a VAT compliance solution that allows you to manage your English and European VAT registration and filing obligations. We collaborate with multiple tax service providers to enable VAT compliance in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic.

You can also view → European VAT frequently asked questions

Changes were made in 2021 not sure what they were before that. Here is the notice posted by Amazon
UK and EU VAT on E-commerce legislation

I agree with @hdms; I think this would need to be refunded by the UK Gov, not Amazon.

Amazon remits the collected amounts to the appropriate government authority as Amazon, based on applicable law. If the taxes amount deducted by Amazon is less than the amount collected from the buyer, the difference remains the seller’s responsibility to remit to the appropriate government authority.
Marketplace Withholding Tax

My understanding is that Amazon fees are services to Amazon sellers which are subject to VAT and handled differently from VAT on the products you have sold.

But being an ugly American, who resents the entire concept of VAT, my opinion may be irrelevant or wrong.